Subway Commuters Lift Train Off Trapped Passenger in Most Heroic Rescue Ever (WATCH)

Just in case your faith in humanity has been shaken thanks to all the bad news we read all of the time, gather 'round the computer and take a look at THIS! A man got his leg stuck in the gap between a subway train and the platform in Perth, Australia, and not one, not two, not even several bystanders came to his rescue -- the whole damn platform full of people did. We're talking what looks like at least 100 people.

It all started when a man who was boarding a rush hour morning train somehow slipped and wedged his leg in the "gap" on the platform -- right where it said, "Mind the Gap." (Irony?)

After workers were alerted to his predicament, the train was halted, and then something incredible happened. Dozens and dozens of people -- what looks to be virtually every person inside of the station -- worked in unison to push the extremely heavy train off the man and save his leg. Check it out:


While the thumb gets a lot of credit for separating man from the animals, it has actually been man's ability to cooperate and help each other that has allowed us to become the "highest" species. Though we certainly don't act like it some of the time, other times we definitely do. And it's those times that need to be celebrated.

Transperth spokesman David Hynes credits the man's save to "people power." Got that right!

I can't say this would have happened in every city -- but you know what? I can't say it wouldn't have either. I would like to think it would have happened in mine. I think human beings often don't get credit for how amazing they can be, and we focus too much on the idiots who muck it up for the rest of us.

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If you're having a bad day, just replay this video.

Do you think people would have done this in your town or city?


Image via Daily Mail

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Yep. I'm crying. This is amazing. I wish things like this happened everywhere - the decency, I mean. I would hate for more people to get stuck like that man did! :)

redpr... redpreuss

Its so empowering when you see people being compassionate for others.

Dayani Ratnavira

I can't believe that this wouldn't happen everywhere. God uses people to help one and other and this is how it should be. We may live in a crazy world, but it's good to know it still consists of caring people.

Heather Rogowski Bystrzak

I teared up at this too. It's so amazing to see so many people working together for one person. Believe @Dayani, that this wouldn't happen everywhere. There was a news story not to long ago that was about people just watching, at a subway, a man get run over and were actually taking pictures and whatnot. Not one person stepped forward to help. 

squee... squeekumsaus

Aussie mateship and spirit at its best

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