Mother 'Attacks' Stranger Who Rescues Her Toddler From Hot Car

Another day, another child left in a hot car. A sad statement, for sure, but one that, unfortunately, rings true. This time, thankfully, strangers took it upon themselves to pull a 2-year-old out of a car. They discovered her unattended and sweating profusely -- on a 91-degree day -- inside of an unlocked car that was parked outside of a Chipotle restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri.

The girl had vomited four times while she was waiting for her mother, 29-year-old Tiquana Pasco, to exit a Game Stop, according to police. You could say the mom, who claims she left her daughter sleeping in the car while she spent three to four minutes in the shop returning a cord, wasn't exactly thankful when she emerged from the store. Those who found her child say the mom became violent and belligerent when they refused to give her back her daughter.

Jeremy Welch says he and his family had just finished having dinner at Chipotle when they noticed the girl alone in the car. His wife told him they couldn't just leave her there, so they removed her from the vehicle, took off her shirt because it was "wet," gave her water to drink, and attempted to take her inside the Chipotle to cool off. That's when Pasco reportedly exited Game Stop and went ballistic at the sight of strangers with her daughter.

The mom allegedly yelled at the good Samaritans to give her back her child. Welch's wife says she explained to Pasco why they wouldn't do so until cops arrived and that the woman shoved, slapped, pushed her, and tore her shirt.

When they questioned her, Pasco told police she had heard the many stories about children dying because they were left in vehicles. She even admitted to them that she was wrong for doing it. Perhaps she believed her situation was different? That she wasn't like the other parents and it couldn't happen to her?

Pasco is in police custody and is being held on $1,500 bond. She has been charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child and could get up to one year in jail if convicted.

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It may seem cruel to not give a mother back her child, and these strangers may seem like busy bodies for intruding here, but they were doing the right thing. There are far too many similar stories we've heard in which the outcome wasn't a positive one. Pasco should be eternally grateful to these well-meaning people for possibly saving her daughter's life and teaching her to be more responsible in the future.

Do you think the strangers had a right to intervene here? What do you think of the mother's reaction?


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lizhouse lizhouse

what a SICK lady. I hope she is locked up and her daughter taken from her for the rest of her disgusting miserable life. What kind of human could do something like this to an innocent?!! All because you need to go into GameStop?! BITCH.

Elaine Cox

I would have more compassion if i thought she was fighting for her kid cause she was a good mother and not just to get out of there

nonmember avatar acm11

Her kid was sweating profusely and threw up in the locked hot car! She deserves a hefty punishment and some child caring classes. Thank god those people helped the little girl out of the car. I'm with them, I would have smashed the window out. Plus, I think I would have been a lot worse with the mom had she tried to attack me.

youth... youthfulsoul

Well she definitely deserved to be charged with a crime since she admittedly knew what she was doing was wrong. What an A hole

Carme... Carmen8706

I think she needs to have her daughter taken away and be sterilized. Unfortunately you can't legislate breeding, and they'll just give her a slap on the wrist because that's what they always do. They're more concerned about keeping bad families together instead of having the child in a safe place.

luvmy... luvmybubs

Why wasn't she charged with assault as well for attacking the lady?

Eva8686 Eva8686

Well i'm glad these people saw this child and did something, good karma for them. The mother on the other hand, wow, good shes in police custody, it should be a criminal offense to leave a child/animal/pet in a hot car alone for any amount of time. Parents just don't get it!!!!!

nonmember avatar sandra

She needed a good, hard punch in the face beforehand

Snapp... SnappleQueen

They should have intervened but withholding her child was a mistake. All they needed to do was simply block her car so that she couldn't leave and then let police handle it. 

kayba... kaybayblee3

I hope they charge her with assult as well to the couple.

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