Barack Obama Turns 53: A Look Back at His Best Quotes & Faces (PHOTOS)

Happy birthday, Mr. President!

Barack Obama turns 53 today, folks. Whether you love him or love to hate him, you've got to admit the prez has racked up his share of accomplishments over the years. As the 44th president -- and the first African American to hold this office -- as well as a former civil rights attorney, Illinois Senator, teacher, husband to Michelle, and devoted dad to two little girls, Obama is doing pretty well for himself.

Naturally, you expect the man to have at least one or two  -- or in our case, seven -- interesting quotes in his backpack by this point. And Obama doesn't disappoint in that area. Here are some of his most memorable quotes, alongside seven of the best faces we've seen him put on during his time spent in the Oval Office.


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Image via Dennis Brack/CNP/AdMedia/AdMedia/Corbis

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nonmember avatar zak

Every word out of the scumbag's mouth is a lie,he's a racebaiter/racist,a liar,a thief,a con artist,a tyrant and a fraud.Yet there are we have open borders,over 50 million on food stamps and many more in poverty under this loser's watch and of course you silly,liberal white women threw the lever not once but twice for the guy.People should have to pass an iq test to vote.Oh and yes Obama once voted in support of PBA (partial birth abortion) You gals can really pick em huh!

Lando... Landon2012

Happy birthday Obama can't wait till you are out of office.

nonmember avatar jaq

whatz up with OBAMA'S brillo pad hair? Lol

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