Police Call Off Search for Mom of 2 Who Vanished Into Thin Air

Police have called off the search for a mother of two from Oregon, who vanished on July 24, and her husband is beyond upset and asking for the public to help him find her.

Jennifer Huston was last spotted by surveillance cameras withdrawing money from a bank, filling up her car with gas, and buying Gatorade, trail mix, and sleeping pills at a drug store. She was reportedly driving her Lexus, which husband Kallen Huston says had a huge crack in it that couldn't be missed.

But cops, after searching with helicopters and even traveling to Washington's San Juan islands, where the woman's family often vacationed, pretty much threw up their hands and made it clear that there was little else they could do.

And that wasn't good enough for Kallen -- can you blame the husband and father?

At a press conference, he made it known that he would never stop looking for his wife. He asked for the public to help him and begged Jennifer to come home if she could.

How heartbreaking is this?

Kallen claims he and his wife didn't have problems and that she was a loving mother who wasn't the type to flee home. He said the sleeping pills were likely purchased because she had been suffering a headache for three days and wanted relief. Since her disappearance, she hasn't used her credit cards and her cell phone suddenly stopped working.

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The man took a polygraph test and passed it. He claims Jennifer -- a stay-at-home mom to two boys, ages 2 and 6 -- left the house to run a few errands and never returned. He says she was a devoted mom and that his greatest fear is that her car went off the road and into a ditch. He is urging motorists to keep an eye out for her.

This makes so little sense. If everything her husband is saying is true, there's no reason Jennifer would have to try and escape her life. And if this was an accident, why is it taking so long for someone to find the mom or her car? Our hearts go out to the two little boys who are missing their mother. Let's hope Jennifer is safe and sound and makes it home to her family soon.

What do you think happened to this mom?


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nonmember avatar thinker

Does anyone think she may have been kidnapped? Kidnappings are a possibility in a case like this. There have been stories of people getting kidnapped and found 20 years later!

Lando... Landon2012

I think kidnapping could be possible but it could be another case where the husband killed her and is doing a good job at hiding it you never know. I hope for her kids and family's sake they find her regardless if she is dead or alive so they can have clousher.

nonmember avatar maryg

Or she just left maybe he didn't know anything was wrong.

Beverly Heath


Lenor... Lenore411

So sad how can you just call off the search :(

Nelli... NellieAthome

Lenore411 said "So sad how can you just call off the search :("

Umm... no evidence of foul play, no evidence of a crime being committed, no further information to follow up on, not to mention that she is an adult and free to leave if she wants. And it appears she probably did just leave since she was reportedly seen *alone* boarding a ferry on July 31,  6 days after she left.

OTOH, since Ms Fogarty insists on using The Daily Mail as her sole source we need to remember to take everything she posts with a LARGE grain of salt since using The Daily Mail as a source is similar to using the National Enquirer.  I would note that at least three local Oregon news sources (ya konw *real news sources*) indicate as of August 3 that police are searching surveillance video from the ferry she was reportedly seen on so it hardly sounds as if they have called off the search.

nverh... nverheyn2011

Nellieathome: but after only a month? I get it, no evidence of foul play and all of that, but searches used to last a lot longer than a month or two...

Elizebeth McElwee Holmes

Have they checked all hotels and motels in the area? The sleeping pills make me worry a little about suicide!

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