Man Charged with Murder for Leaving Baby in Hot Car While He Got High (VIDEO)

Another man has been charged with first-degree murder for leaving a baby in a hot, locked car. Seth Jackson, similar to Justin Ross Harris, forgot that his 10-month-old was strapped in the car during high temperatures, and it was only hours later that he remembered where she was, but by then it was too late. This time, however, prosecutors aren't saying that Jackson, who, along with his partner, was foster dad to Anna (also known as Kadillak to her bio family), premeditated the murder, but that he forgot her whereabouts under egregiously negligent circumstances -- he was allegedly high on marijuana when he forgot about the baby girl.


Jackson, who lives in Witchita, Kansas with his partner Payton Schroeder and two adopted boys, had cared for Anna for most of her life and the two were in the process of trying to adopt her. The pair are also caring for three other foster children besides Anna. They have been taken away from the pair.

Prosecutors say that on July 24, Jackson brought the baby to his drug dealer's house to buy marijuana. He then returned home, and left the baby in the car while he got high. Something on TV triggered his memory of the girl, but after two hours in a sweltering car, it was too late.

Jackson's lawyer says that a murder charge is highly inappropriate for a "mistake," and that involuntary manslaughter would better fit the crime, but prosecutors say it is warranted since the death occurred during the commission of "inherently dangerous felony -- aggravated endangering of a child," -- in other words, that he was consuming illegal drugs with a child around.

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The state does not say that he killed the child on purpose.

It's clear this man was distracted for all the wrong reasons -- however, it doesn't sound like he was high before he left the child in the car. A murder charge does seem a bit extreme for a horrible mistake, one he and his partner will regret forever. In fact, Jackson's mother told NBC that Jackson "wants to die" because his children are his life.

What a tragedy considering this couple seem to care so much about children, and have adopted two, and raised at least four foster kids. Tragically, one extremely careless moment changed everything.

Do you think he should be charged with murder?

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