Man Found Guilty of Throwing Infant Out of a Car Window on Highway

It took five years, but a jury was finally able to give Richard McTear what he deserves: a probable life conviction and even the possibility of receiving the death penalty. The Florida man was found guilty of killing a 3-month-old boy by throwing him out a car window and into traffic on Interstate 275 after fighting with -- and beating up -- the infant's mother.

McTear was found guilty of all charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping, battery, aggravated child abuse, and burglary. In order to receive the death penalty in Florida, just seven members of the jury would have to recommend it. And, as much as we applaud those who have it in them to forgive people who did horrific things to them, the consequences this innocent baby's family wish to see for the killer are clear. An uncle suggested that the jurors "burn" McTear. And the baby's mother, Jasmine Bedwell, who was just 17 at the time, said she wants him to "die in a horrible way."

One day before her baby's death, Bedwell says she was supposed to appear in court to get a restraining order against McTear, whom she had dated for a few months but with whom she had broken up. She says he had threatened to shoot her son Emanuel Murray Jr. in the face and urinate on him -- though these claims led to a mistrial the first time McTear appeared before a judge. For whatever reason, Bedwell never went through with the restraining order.

The next night, the teen returned home from a male friend's house with her infant and locked her front door behind her. McTear, who is now 26, was there waiting for her and attacked her, leaving bite marks on her face, neck, and shoulder. Then, in an act that has been called a "revenge killing," the man struggled with the mom for Emanuel, and Bedwell left them both there to run to a friend's apartment to call police.

It is then believed -- though McTear and his attorneys deny this happened -- that the man got into a car and drove to I-275, where he threw the baby out of a window and he died instantly. The child's blood stains were found on the man's shorts and in the car, though it is unclear how they got there.

McTear has defended his innocence all along, and his attorneys have continued to state that Bedwell isn't a reliable witness.

The victim's parents are expected to submit victim impact statements that will be read when McTear returns to court for a sentence hearing, possibly as early as next week.

Do you think this man deserves the death penalty for what he did?


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KWill... KWilliams-0513

Yes he does! He deserves to be taken down a highway at 90mph and then thrown out the window like a rag doll, just like he did to the child. If that doesn't kill him instantly another car should run him over until he does. I will never be able to understand why a person could ever hurt or kill a child.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

WTF? I agree with KWilliams ... throw him out of a moving vehilce onto the highway where he can be repeatedly run over by semi-trucks. Ugh!

IHear... IHeartCake

So let me get this straight.  The baby's blood was found on his shorts and inside his car, but he denies killing him?  Clearly he attacked the baby, just like he did the baby's mother, and then he threw the baby out of the car.  They must not have been able to prove that during autopsy.  Yes, he should get the death penalty.

taira... tairakittie

Sounds like the baby may have been hurt before being thrown out of the car, this sick f*ck needs to be tortured as he did to that poor baby and his mother, death is too good for someone like him!!

hello... hellokd87

This jerk will get what's coming to him, in this life or the next. If I were the mother I would have fought tooth & nail for my baby & NEVER have let them alone. If ANY person, male or female, lays one malicious THOUGHT on my baby, they can expect the death penalty by my own hands. I feel so terribly for this mother & what she's gone through.

Wanda Overmyer

put him to death.thats what he deserves


nonmember avatar christina

Yes! Anyone who could do something so horrific to someone so innocent clearly has no conscious and should be sent to meet his maker!

steph... steph0420

This man doesn't deserve the death penalty. He doesn't deserve to be injected and painlessly lull off into death. This monster deserves something far worse. Put him in general population, and let prison justice take it from there. It will be long, gruesome and painful. He deserves nothing less than torture

nonmember avatar Kristina

I agree with steph0420 let general population take care of him many of them dont take highly to crimes against children, sentencing him to death is just an easy out for this man, he deserves far more.

nonmember avatar Al

This man needs to be torched to the point he is gushing blood and then burned alive

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