12-Year-Old Girl Brought to Hospital for Stomach Pains Has Horrible Secret

A man has been arrested for the most heinous of crimes: Impregnating his 12-year-old stepdaughter. Leonel Bartolo Rodriguez, 39, of Stamford, Connecticut was arrested after the girl complained of stomach pains. Her mother brought her to the hospital, only to learn the unthinkable: that her preteen daughter was pregnant.

At first, the little girl was reportedly reluctant to tell authorities what had happened. But then while visiting relatives the next day, the girl confessed to her aunt that it was her stepfather who had been violating her. The aunt called police. Rodriguez is being charged with sexual assault in the first degree.

Thank goodness the little girl decided to come forward and say what happened to her -- although the man is still guaranteed due process by the law. He has not yet made a plea.

If he's found guilty, this is the most horrible thing you can do to a little girl, who trusted you. And this girl will now have to make a decision whether to carry a baby she is clearly NOT prepared for, or have an abortion. I can only imagine what she, and her mom, are going through.

There are states that have cracked down on abortion so stringently that it is virtually impossible to get one. There are even representatives who think "legitimate rape" doesn't lead to pregnancy!

But we should remember that cases like this happen all of the time. This little girl doesn't deserve having to make such a life-altering decision at her age. Nor should she have to give birth if she doesn't want to.

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It's tragic that she didn't feel she could come forward earlier with what might have been happening.


Image via Stamford Police

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Rebec... Rebecca7708

I don't condone abortion but, I really feel like it would be the best option in this situation. That poor girl.

Lando... Landon2012

What a sick SOB I hope he gets a long time in jail.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I will always agree that there are certain circumstances where an abortion should be allowed. It just should. That poor little girl...

nonmember avatar Dani

I'm staunchly pro life and while this is a tragedy she should keep the poor baby. Don't punish this new precious life that didn't ask to be in her womb. I know that the girl didn't ask to be violated but don't punish this true innocent life. Keep the baby. Stop trying to be pro life with stipulations people!!

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Since this is already turning into a prolife prochoice debate.... I am pro life. My only "stipulation" is if the mothers life could be physically endangered, then it is not an abortion, the goal is not to kill the child but save the mother, and if that means the child is delivered before doctors believe it is viable, then so be it. To me that is very different than abortion, with the absolute goat of killing an unborn child. But luckily research has shown that even in the worst of cases, abortion doesn't facilitate healing. It only helps those that choose not to deal with what has happened and avoid the healing process. And at such a young age, I hope she can heal completely, come out stronger than ever and have peace with whatever difficult decision she chooses to make.

nonmember avatar Meghan

@Dani I take it you don't realize how dangerous it could be for a child that young to carry a baby to term? It could be life threatening, her body is not yet equipped for pregnancy and complications are almost a guarantee. So, what if the girls life is threatened by the pregnancy?

nonmember avatar Blah blah

Being that I endured 8 years of sexual assault by my own step father and to this day at 38 years of age suffer PTSD from it I fully believe this child should get full say if what happens to the baby. She should not be forced to carry it and she should not be forced to abort. She has already been forced into adult sexual relations with someone she was supposed to trust, someone who should have protected her. But he didn't. He preyed on her vulnerability and impregnated her. What a sick sick sick SOB.

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

Dani people like you don't give a shit about the mother. Your whole side is based in emotion over the "cute Widdle baybee" and the mother is an afterthought

Even when a little baby like her is held down by her stepdaughter who knows how many times and she's forced open to feel his weight on her and then violated again with a pregnancy that would hurt her undeveloped body and serve as a daily reminder of her trauma, you STILL consider the baby to have more rights to her body than she does simply so you can feel morally superior in abortion debates and because you can't think if abortion with anything other than emotion

nonmember avatar A. Arlington

I am so tired of you Pro life assh&$es!!! Telling someone they should keep a baby that was conceived via rape?!!!! Are you kidding me? What kind of life is this 12 year old going to have knowing she is raising her rapist's baby? Or better yet, what kind of life is the child going to have? Being treated badly everyday and not being able to understanding why? Pro lifers would say, "what about adoption?" The 12 year old still has to go on for 9 months knowing she is carrying her rapist's child!!! Do you know what kind of long term psychological damage that can do? Why don't you pro lifers shut the "F" up and let this 12 year old and her mother decide what is best for them. It is her body and she should be allowed to decide what she wants to do. In the end, everyone not involved should really mind their own damn business!!!!!!

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