Mom Sets Husband on Fire Because She Thinks He Molested Her Daughter

A man was set on fire by his wife and suffered serious burns over most of his body. He remains in intensive care. Sounds absolutely horrible and terrible. Burns are one of the most painful things you can have. You might feel sorry for this man, until you learn the reason the wife says she set her husband on fire. She claims he was molesting her daughter.


Police are reportedly recommending that Vincent Phillips, 52, of Renton, Washington, be charged with first-degree child molestation, despite the fact that he's still recovering in the hospital.

His wife, Tatanysha Hedman, reportedly said she doused him with gasoline and set him on fire while he slept because shooting him "was too nice." Hedman had come to believe that her husband, who is her 7-year-old's stepfather, was molesting her daughter. It's unclear why she thinks this or what evidence she has.

After lighting Phillips on fire, he ran out of his home and into a convenience store, where he dropped to the floor begging customers to help him. Hedman was later arrested after the victim identified her as the one who lit him on fire.

While most people can certainly sympathize with why this woman did what she did -- cooler heads must prevail and the law must be allowed to do its work. Because now we have a mom who faces longer prison time than the stepfather -- and a young girl without her mother at the time she needs her most.

Also, the man is innocent until proven guilty. I don't think we want to live in a world where anyone can go around lighting other people on fire based on accusations.

If the stepfather did molest the little girl, no one can fault the mom for losing her mind and doing what she did. But now she's going to pay for that with jail time, time that could have been spent comforting her daughter.

Do you think she should be punished? What do you think about what she did?


Image via Renton Police

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