Woman Sues Zoo That ‘Let’ Lion Bite Off Her Finger (VIDEO)

A woman tried to pet a lion and is shocked -- shocked! -- that it bit her. The woman, Renae Ferguson, visited an exotic animal zoo in Michigan and says that a worker let her into the lion's den. When she tried to pet the lion, the king of the jungle bit off part of her finger. She's now suing the zoo -- because who knew lions bite?! Um, duh.


Ferugson told a local TV station:

I was totally in shock. I really didn't believe that was part of my finger laying on the ground.

Well, believe it, lady. It's a lion.

Granted, if the workers did let her into the cage, as she claims, perhaps she was under the impression that the lion was friendlier than it was. Maybe she saw The Lion King too many times. Or that YouTube video where Christian the Lion hugs his human pals.

The zoo, however, has a different story. It says the woman went into the cage on her own and stuck her finger through a fence despite warnings.

The owner of the zoo told WNEM in an email:

The lady went into the security area and was told by the guide to get back and the lady stated she wanted to touch the lion and continued, against the guide's warning, to put her finger inside the fence and the lion nipped the end of her finger.

First off, what the heck are these animals even doing all caged up in some "exotic zoo" somewhere in the middle of Michigan? If I were that lion, I'd be pissed off too.

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Secondly, I'll repeat this, it's a lion. It's not a cat, dog, or turtle. And even those animals you should approach cautiously (except perhaps the turtle).

At least the woman says she's learned her lesson, though perhaps a little too late.


Do you think she should sue?


Image via WNEM

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