Couple Reports Child Left in Hot Car, Mom Runs Them Over (VIDEO)

If you see a kid locked in a hot car, you'd be doing the right thing by calling police. And given the amount of times parents accidentally leave their kids in hot cars, you'd think the parents would be eternally grateful if you saved their kid's life. But that wasn't the reaction one couple got when they called cops after spotting a child locked in a hot car. The kid's mother, Kristina Riddell, was so angry that the Good Samaritans reported her to the police that she allegedly ran them over. She has been charged in the crime.

Shannon Dominguez and her boyfriend, Alan Mason, were walking in the parking lot of a Dollar Tree in Longmont, Colorado, when they say they spotted a 4-year-old boy in a locked car on a hot day. "All four windows were rolled up. And it was in the direct sun. It scares the heck out of me. Some innocent child might die," Dominguez told Fox News 31.

But when the mother came out and overheard her on the phone with police, she didn't express much gratitude. In fact, she allegedly became infuriated, threatened to beat up Dominguez, and punched Mason in the face.

This is where it gets much worse. Riddell allegedly then jumped in her car and accelerated toward the couple, hitting them both. Dominguez says she broke bones in her leg, is now confined to a wheelchair, and possibly won't walk for the rest of her life. Mason says he was dragged about 20 feet.

Riddell, who had a long criminal record, is charged with hit-and-run and child abuse. No word on whether the child is still residing with her.

Let this be a lesson to us all -- it's the right thing to do to call police when you see a child (or a pet) in a hot car. However, there are those who will not appreciate your "interference." If you can, make the call from a safe distance, and do not engage with the driver if she or he returns. It may be tempting to tell the driver what an idiot he or she is -- but it could also lead to this type of scenario.

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That isn't to blame Dominguez, she did the right thing. But it can't hurt to keep your own safety in mind as well as that of the child in the car.

Have you ever called police on someone leaving a child in a car?


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KWill... KWilliams-0513

No, I haven't but I defiantly would in a heart beat. I would be on the phone with police while busting out the car window to free the child. I would not just step back and commonly call police while the child is still suffering. The mother deserves to be stuck in a hot car for hours, then ran over and dragged. Piece of crap person, I hope she never gets her son back and get the maximum sentence.

nonmember avatar Kurt

I agree with KWilliams 100% and have done it for a dog left in a car before. It was in Aug. in So. Cal. and the temp was about 100 and one window was open only 1/2 inch. Chino PD was there in a matter of minutes, broke out a window and saved the dog. The owner then arrived mad as hell. They were quickly arrested after arguing with the police and threatening the officer. Good day for me.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

"No word on if the child is still residing with her"?? Really? Shouldn't she be in jail?!

Diane Feightner Noon

That child needs taken away forever from her what a waste she is look at her eyes

Tanya Davis



nonmember avatar danielle

Yes I have but it was when it was really cold last winter. A parent left their baby in a car. I called police and they came out fast. I called from inside my doctors office and the parent was coming out as I was going in but the cops had already pulled up. The parent didn't know I called but they came back in and yelled they would kill whoever called cops. I would still do it again...

Marco Roman

LMAO!!! That's what they get.

If they would make the full report accurate. She left the kid in the car with the cars A/C on.. She had the keys in the store with her; CARS have a push to start button now.. The car is not movable unless the key is in the ignition. The Couple were verbally putting her down for this and when she tried to get in the car. The couple tried to grab her so she couldn't leave.. YES I WOULD HAVE RAN BOTH OF THEM OVER. FATALLY!

I support this lady and oppose you ass wagons that do worse shit to your kids. At least she had the child with them; Bet most of you are typing and sending txt as you drive with your child.. Dumbasses.

nonmember avatar Priscilla

Marco, you're an idiot. There was no way for the couple to tell if the a/c was on. They did what they were supposed to. And sorry, I would put the moron down too. You child can still be kidnapped. Oh, and the auto car starter turns off once you get a certain distance away. I take it she's your family? If so, it's a damn good thing that she's going to jail. I hope that child got away from you idiots.

nonmember avatar Kevin

This is directed to Marco Roman. Don't know what you have been smoking (probably meth) or where you get your information but read the police report dude. None of what you wrote was true so this lady must be your sister or girlfriend.

Anyhow, your a sick puppy and you need some help and quickly

nonmember avatar mommotwo

Marco, you have got to be kidding me. A/C on or not, you're a deadbeat parent to leave your child in the car alone. And how was the couple supposed to know the a/c was on? I see a child locked in a car and I'm calling the cops and going to find the closest thing I can to break open the window. She deserved to be "verbally put down" - she deserved a whole lot worse than that. The fact that she ran them over, especially with her child in the car, proves that she's a deadbeat mother and deserves to be thrown in jail after having her child taken from her. This topic isn't even about using your cell while driving, which I don't do, and I think most of us would agree is dangerous (doesn't make leaving your child in the car any less idiotic, but good try).

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