Haunted House's Ghosts Caught on News Camera (VIDEO)

It's always a bummer when you buy a house and it turns out to be not the house you thought it was. Like the foundation is cracking, the plumbing pipes are rotting -- and, oh yeah, the ghosts are totally bugging out! Such is apparently the problem with a home in Hanover, Pennsylvania. DeAnna Simpson and her husband bought the home seven years ago and put every penny they had into it. But they probably should have waited awhile to do that -- because it wasn't long after they moved in that spirits began roiling, churning, and actually attacking them. And some of it is caught on video.

Simpson invited FOX43 into her supposedly haunted home to prove what she and her husband have to deal with on a regular basis -- and it's a lot worse than termites. Simpson says there are at least five ghosts in the house who have been totally harshing their mellow.

And when a FOX43 reporter and camera crew showed up, the feisty spirits were none too pleased. One of them scratched the camera guy while the camera was rolling. The reporter says she was touched and pinched.

The camera also recorded what looks like a shadowy hand reaching out into a stairwell -- and a door closing on its own after the owner asks, "If that is you, would you please shut that door?" (At least the ghost is polite.)

Check it out:

Yikes, pretty creepy, eh? Either this house is haunted or Simpson is pretty good at playing pranks on people.

I'm not a huge believer in ghosts, despite having a few ghostly encounters myself. But this video does give you a lot to think about. Did you not get chills when you saw that door close and heard that voice whisper, "Come here"? (Nope, I'll stay over here, thanks.)

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Simpson says she and her husband desperately want to sell the house -- but who the heck would buy it? Someone who is into this kind of stuff, I guess. Hey, if that demon house in Indiana got a buyer, surely this one will.

Still, you have to wonder how Simpson has managed to live in the house for so long. I'm pretty sure I would have fled long ago and to hell with my investment.

Would you live in this house?


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amazz... amazzonia

too bad is on fox news, doesn't make it very reliable lol

nonmember avatar anonymous

You are an idiot. If you trust any other source yourJust part of the crowd if blind sheeple. Can't think for yourself

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

Even true things once said on foxnews become lies

nonmember avatar Cheyenne

The demon house in IN was bought by zach, he's the host of Ghost Adventures. If this house catches his attention then he very likely will buy it!

Kasau... Kasaundra

To those that don't have an ounce of common sense: Fox43 is a local news station. It is NOT the same as FOX NEWS!

Nancy Rettig Blecke

I had a friend in Ohio who lived in a haunted house; especially the upstairs spare room-even her CATS would not go in there.  There was stone  grave marker in the yard which had fallen over-they were having a cookout and placed it on a truck tailgate so as not to break it.  Calm day-all of a sudden, the wind whipped up and the stone fell to the ground.  BUT it did not break.  It is the headstone of a baby from the 1800s.  Her house was really spooky.

Jamie... Jamie17331

She's not selling it Cheyenne. She loves her home. Just wants the spirits to calm down. The attention the neighborhood is getting is insane though.

Cathy Carey Box

Polite?? They've been scratched, pinched, and pushed down the stairs!

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