80-Year-Old Man Shoots Pregnant Woman Dead After She Breaks Into His House

A California retiree believes he has a right to protect his home and belongings -- even if it means shooting dead a woman who tried to rob his house but claimed she was pregnant.

Tom Greer, 80, says he returned to his nice home in the affluent Bixby Knolls neighborhood in Long Beach to find a man and woman had broken in and were in the middle of a burglary. Greer says the couple tackled him to the ground. Thinking he was down, he says the alleged burglars started to go through his safe. In the meantime, he was able to get a hold of his .22-Caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and didn't take mercy on the woman, whom he said shouted, "Don't shoot me, I'm pregnant! I'm going to have a baby!"

Greer says the man and woman began running when they noticed he had a gun. But he took aim anyway and fired twice, hitting the pregnant woman, whose identity hasn't been revealed. She reportedly died in an alley behind his home while trying to escape. Her male accomplice, meanwhile, left her there and continued to run. Police are still searching for the suspect.

The homeowner says it was the first time he had ever shot anyone, but that he has no regrets about doing so -- whether the woman was pregnant or not. He went as far as saying he hopes the fact that she was shot leaves an impression on her accomplice's mind for the rest of his days.

An extreme reaction? Perhaps. But let's look at what actually happened. This man arrived home and strangers were going through his things. They tackled him and caused him physical harm -- he reportedly suffered a collarbone and shoulder injury. He had no way of knowing how dangerous they were, whether they were armed, or what they were capable of doing to him. And it doesn't sound like his presence did a thing to encourage them to run for the hills -- it wasn't until they saw that gun that they got moving.

As for the woman pleading for her life because she was pregnant -- I am sad for her unborn baby who didn't deserve what happened. But why hadn't she thought of the health of her baby when she decided to do something as risky and foolish as break into a person's home and commit a crime while pregnant?

Do you think this homeowner should be charged for shooting the alleged pregnant burglar dead?


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nonmember avatar meghan

Assuming she was even pregnant, or just lying to save her life. I'm glad he shot her. If you knock an 80 year old person to the ground, you can cause injuries that can lead to fatal complications. He was absolutely defending his life.

Eva8686 Eva8686

I agree with you, he had every right to his own safety and she although pregnant made the choice to place her self and her babys life at risk. I have no sympathy. He should not be charged, it was a robbery and we don't know if they had other plans beyond the robbery to maybe murder the man. 

szinna szinna

Shoddy case for self-defense if they were running away.  I'm not advocating you don't have a right to protect yourself, but if the story is as reported, he shot a person while they were running away, clearly no longer constituting a threat to his person.

culuriel culuriel

How is it self defense if they're running away?  

Chelsea Sowers Smith

They were running away as soon as they saw the gun. Self-defense? That's crap. I hope she wasn't pregnant. If a pregnant person broke into my home, I don't see myself attacking her, unless she came after me or my son in a physical way. The fact that they were already running away should blow his self-defense claim out of the water.

nonmember avatar Rita

They aren't good people to begin with. Look, the man she was with JUST LEFT HER TO DIE. Who knows? Her and man could have easily just left the 80 year old man to die if he was fatally beaten, or fell with more serious injuries. He had to protect himself. I do hope, she wasn't pregnant. Because that would not be a good life that poor child would have to grow up in.

youth... youthfulsoul

It is self defense. Who cares if they turned and ran when they saw the gun. They weren't running before that. Sad for the baby if she was really pregnant. Although if this is the type of person she was, she wouldn't have made the best parent.

nonmember avatar Foster

Pregnant or not,if someone physically attacks/harms you then by all means defend yourself. If they are running away when you pull a gun,no longer self defence

nonmember avatar Glenn

He's a coward shooting a person in the BACK. THEY WERE RUNNING AWAY PEOPLE. There was no threat.

nonmember avatar Glenn

He's a coward shooting a person in the BACK. THEY WERE RUNNING AWAY PEOPLE. There was no threat.

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