Kayakers Lifted Right Out of Water by a Huge, Gentle Whale (VIDEO)

whale lifts kayak argentina Holy kayak-lifting-whale, Batman! I cannot stop watching this video. If you've ever climbed in a kayak for an innocent and picturesque trip around the open water, prepare to feel goosebumps all over your person. A father and daughter in Argentina got the surprise of a lifetime when they took their kayak out to look at Southern Right whales. They got a lot more than they could have possibly ever expected.

You can tell as the video starts that these two are waaaaay too close to the whales that they've spotted. But they are just too darned enthusiastic, and they kayak a little closer to the whales. Then, in an instant, one whale swims beneath them and heaves them up on its back! Ah! I can't even! I found myself holding my breath and I am sitting at home on dry land in a very comfortable chair far from every whale on the planet.  

This video is so captivating, it's no small wonder that some people have wondered whether or not it's real. Of course when something this magical happens, the gut impulse is to not believe it and to cry out that it's a fraud. But listen to the voices of the father and his daughter, they are completely awe-struck by what's happening. If they are actors, they are wasting their time with this video and should look into moving to Hollywood. 

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If you're still in doubt, I'd posit the following: This seems like a lot of expensive potential damage to a camera and their own persons to try and fake. I'm usually a skeptic in all things, but in this instance, I am willing to put my inner critic in the backseat and just enjoy this truly magical moment with this sweet, gentle giant. I suggest we all do the same!

What's the craziest thing you've ever caught on tape?


Image via Gisella6652/YouTube

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peanu... peanutsmommy1

I hope that they have laws against getting that close to a whale, and these morons are prosecuted

Azale... AzaleaMichelle

^^^Why should they be prosecuted? They haven't hurt anything. Interacting with nature is one of humanities most precious gifts.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

many countries have laws against purposely getting within a certain amount of distance from whales. If they approach you, that is beyond your control, but these people went out looking to get in their space.

US Federal laws prohibit being within 100 yards of a marine animal

nonmember avatar Linda

It's looks like they did stop and the whale swam up to them.

Jacee... Jacee2348

Hey Toto, they aren't in Kansas. They're in Argentina. What good is it doing to quote US laws when they don't pertain to this case? Just enjoy the video for what it is... Geez!

holly... hollywood222222

PeanutsMommy sounds like a grade A ass hat. It's clearly not in the US, AS STATED IN THE ARTICLE, why would US law apply here? Also, they are clearly not paddling towards the whales, rather stopped in one place, as the whales approach them.

abra819 abra819

Peanuts, they weren't in boats with engines you fucking dumbass. Being that close to a whale is something you can't explain unless you've experienced it. I have goosebumps while writing this because it's so stinkin awesome :)

nonmember avatar Amber

Looks to me like they stopped and the whales came up to them. Why are people so damn negative!!! Get a fricken life and stop being so damn hateful!

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Excuse my French .. but I would shit my pants! I've not been blessed to see the ocean yet, but I am pretty sure I would have fainted from fear if an animal that large came in proximity to me! .. I definitely enjoy watching this beautiful creature from the safety of my home, however, and I'm happy for the kayakers who got to enjoy this :)

Brat8... Brat81978

That was amazing! Talk about a once in a lifetime experience!

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