Violent Home Invaders Call Police to Complain About Victim

Two men called cops when another man began shooting at them. Fair enough. Oh, but wait. There's a bit more to the story here. It turns out the two men had allegedly broken into the third man's home and began beating him on the head with a baseball bat. He eventually got away, grabbed his gun, and fired two warning shots in the air. This is when the alleged intruders actually called police.


The two men, said to be homeless and, judging by their mug shots, certainly showerless, reportedly barged into the man's home because they believed he had complained about them to authorities.

Reportedly, they brought a baseball bat and several aggressive dogs with them. They allegedly attacked the homeowner, causing damage to his head, face, and back.

The victim managed to grab a shot gun and fire into the air, sending the men fleeing. They then apparently ran into a nearby residence and called police to report that a guy was shooting at them. These are some ballsy, and pretty dumb, alleged criminals, for sure.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Are these guys just extra super duper stupid? Or are they so entitled that they think bashing a guy on the head with a baseball bat is fine but getting shot at in retaliation is not?

The pair were arrested and charged with assault. So far no charges have been filed against the victim, who was brought to the hospital.

I'm still aghast that these dudes who allegedly assaulted this guy were shocked when suddenly they were in danger! It really takes all kinds to make a world -- but we could all do without this kind.

Can you believe this?


Image via Coos Bay, Oregon Police

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