Toddler Dies After Mom Allegedly Lets Him Drink Bong Water (VIDEO)

A mother charged with allowing her 2-year-old son to ingest fatal doses of methamphetamine and bong water has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first degree manslaughter. Several people were reportedly doing drugs at Alyia Iverson's home when she allowed her toddler to drink bong water. She then reportedly put him to bed but, when he became fussy, put him on the floor. Later, he was found dead.

Toxicology reports concluded that the little boy had THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and enough meth in his system to kill an adult.

The really messed up part is that Iverson had a long history of questionable parenting. She lost custody of her son in 2011 but later got him back, only to have him die in December 2012.

Additionally, she was being "monitored" by child social service workers since 2009 because of dozens of complaints by family she was mistreating the little boy and his older sister.

Apparently she was not concerned about being monitored, given that she was doing drugs at home around the children and reportedly watched while her son drank her bong water. It's unclear if she knew he'd ingested meth or how he did it.

This little boy had a chance to be saved, to be taken away from this home, and given to someone who would love him and raise him well. That tragically didn't happen for him.

A neighbor says the boy was neglected and always "reaching out for attention." So sad. The ball was completely dropped here on this little boy, and he had the misfortune to be born into a terrible situation.

Could CPS have done more?


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Jeana... JeanaJaybird

This is a very unfortunate situation, the mother deserves to rot in prison for allowing her son access to drugs. Although it is sickening to think a mother allowed her baby to ingest the bong water, there is no way in hell that it contributed to his death. "Enough meth in his system to kill an adult" .. << that is what killed this baby. Her allowing him to drink bong water just contributes to the fact that this "woman" is a piece of shit.

Jenny Lesko

I hope she rots in prison....people like her should never have been given the opportunity to have kids.

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

As a matter of fact, why does this article's title only reference the bong water??

nonmember avatar Cj

The tone and headline of this article is very misleading. As others stated, why even mention the bong water let alone have it as the main headline for the story when the child was "found with enough meth in his system to kill an adult". This article is disconcerting considering the fact that the bong water probably had nothing to do with this tragic death. How about something more accurate such as: toddler killed by meth? Why the bong water even made it into the story is beyond me.
That being said, this is disgusting that a parent would do this to their child and even allow them to be around this environment. Heartbreaking!

nonmember avatar Emma


calim... calimomma707

i dont care for the misleading article title, no child should be doing any type of drugs unless given by a doctor, i have a hard time believing that the bong water was what killed him.

nonmember avatar Linda

They have bongs for meth too. I know cause I was an addict for 10 years. You smoke through the water then dump the water on a plate let the water evaporate and meth is left behind. That's probably how he ingested It

IHear... IHeartCake

It needs to be easier for parental rights to be terminated when someone is a meth addict.  This is an unexcusable tragedy.

shutu... shuturpiehole

Yeah sounds like a typical CPS case.... CPS fails the kids who need them most, and rips apart good families.

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