Parents Shot in Front of Their 16-Year-Son as They Try to Buy Him a Car

What was supposed to be a happy, memorable day for one Kansas City teenager quickly turned into the worst day of his life when his parents were shot while trying to buying him a car.

The teen's 53-year-old father and his 55-year-old mother responded to a Craigslist ad listing a 2007 Hyundai Sonata for $3,000 -- which they probably figured was the perfect first car for their 16-year-old son. But when the trio met up with the seller to test drive and consider the vehicle, the senseless thing that happened next would forever change their lives.


The teen and his dad -- whose names haven't been released -- had just finished test driving the car with a third suspect named "AJ" when two gunmen allegedly appeared and demanded that the man and and his wife turn over all of their money. The father reportedly stepped in front of his wife to protect her after one of the men pointed his gun in her direction -- and that's when the men began firing.

The father was shot four times -- in the chest, stomach, and legs. His wife suffered a bullet to her upper right arm, which was said to be "shattered" after the incident. The armed robbers then reportedly stole the wife's purse and fled in the Hyundai -- which police later found abandoned on the side of a road.

Fortunately, the couple's teen son was not hurt -- physically -- though, needless to say, witnessing his parents being shot is very likely going to affect him for years to come.

The suspects haven't been caught yet, but police believe there may be a link between this crime and one that took place a few hours earlier, in which a man reported being robbed by armed gunmen after he attempted to sell his Xbox and accessories on Craigslist.

How disgusting. This was supposed to be a really sweet moment for the teen -- a coming-of-age story. Thank goodness the three victims who fell prey to this alleged Craigslist scheme survived. Hoping the cops find these suspects soon so they can face the consequences of their actions.

Have you ever met up with anyone you made contact with through a Craiglist ad?


Image via MikeSense80/Flickr

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