Bank Robbers Kill Mom Running Quick Errand With Her Daughter (VIDEO)

A mother lost her life because she walked into a bank. Married mom of three Misty Holt-Singh, 41, was in the Bank of the West in Stockton, California, while her 12-year-old daughter waited in the car outside. Three armed bank robbers burst in and ended up taking three female hostages out of the bank. Misty had to leave her daughter behind as the robbers forced her at gunpoint into a stolen SUV. After a high speed chase involving police, Misty, as well as two of the suspects, are dead.

After taking the hostages and fleeing, dozens of police cars began hot pursuit. If the robbers thought that three female hostages would save them from being shot at by police, they were wrong. The SUV was riddled with bullet holes. Two of the suspects also reportedly died in a hail of bullets. The third suspect, 19-year-old Jaime Ramos, is in custody.

At some point, Misty was shot. While early reports say the robbers shot her, later reports say that the robbers used her as a "human shield."

The other two hostages, both of whom worked at the bank, were reportedly either thrown or jumped from the vehicle. They have survived, but one suffered a "grazing" bullet wound.

Despite Misty being killed in the shootout, Police Chief Eric Jones says that the cops responded "appropriately" to the situation.

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While I'm sure the gunmen were dangerous and could have taken more hostages or shot civilians, money is not a reason to have a loss of innocent life. It remains to be seen if there will be any further investigation into the death of Misty, and how exactly it happened. But it is clear some members of Misty's family are not happy -- her aunt and cousin have already blasted the Stockton Police Department on their Facebook page.

Misty had apparently only run into the bank "for a minute." That minute took her life in a violently horrific manner. It's devastating how quickly life can turn.

Image via CBS Sacramento

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Raymond Lucas

Seems simple. If someone is being used as a human shield; YOU DON"T SHOOT THEM!

nonmember avatar Emma

I feel for her family especially her kids and her daughter that was with her at the time what a tragic way to loose a parent.

jojo827 jojo827

Thank God her daughter wasn't in the bank with her

Mrscj... Mrscjones

You would think Raymond too bad they were a little trigger happy.

Mommy... Mommynwife26

I thought that cops were not suppose to shoot if there was a hostage?? It really sounds like they got trigger happy on this one and the family has a right to be pissed. I would be too.

nonmember avatar mommy0320

Those hostages would have been killed regardless if the police chased them or not. Do you think these men were going to let these women go after the ladies saw their faces, heard them talking in the car? I highly doubt it. If the men didnt take hostages i think they probably would have got away. Once it turned in to kidnapping the police had no choice but to give chase. Reports here in the bay area say the deceased woman was actually the one they forced to drive the car. I wouldnt fathom being an officer having to make the choice to pursue and engage in this situation, but i do feel they would have murdered all these women if they had got away with them.

nonmember avatar Kathryn Haynes

They should have tried to anything while giving chase other than shooting everyone.. They could have tried to negotiate using any one of the five people in the car's cell phones or hacking Onstar and the car's built in phone, attempted to set up a road block, chased the car without shooting unless they were endangering the lives of other innocent drivers on the road, followed the car with a helicopter to make sure they didn't lose it, or even using an electromagnetic pulse gun to kill the car's engine. There's a million things they could have tried first but there was no reason that she should die at the hands of a trigger happy cop unless they tried every single option. A car chase can't go on forever, eventually they would have run out of gas or made a mistake allowing the police to make a safer move. The driver could still use a bystander as a human shield, kill someone driving recklessly or the cops could accidentally kill a bystander taking down the driver but at least the cops would know that they did absolutely possible to prevent the deaths of any innocent victims. Can these cops say the same thing or sleep at night? If I were Holt-Sing's family, it would comfort me to know that they tried. There has to be a better way to handle this without taking Mommy0320's perspective that since they're most likely going to die anyways, why waste the resources or time trying to save them.

cyber... cybersunshine

I agree with you Kathryn Haynes. Prior work in law enforcement, being a wife of a law enforcement officer, and having numerous family members and friends in the field, it makes me sick and very angry to see what some of the law enforcement officers and departments do and get away with these days. The bad apples make the thousands of good, caring, honest, officers look bad. In this case there were numerous things that could have been done differently to acquire a different outcome. That vehicle should never have been shot at with hostages inside or around innocent bystanders. Hostages can and do survive in situations involving all sorts of scenarios. If I had been forced to drive the getaway car, those criminals would have gone on the ride of their lives. Given the opportunity, the victim could have done a lot to change the outcome. I would be looking for and praying for a body of water to drive the car into at a high speed. The criminals would be trying to get out or hurt, hopefully their guns would be wet and inoperable and law enforcement could pluck them out of the water, let them drown, taze or shoot them. None of us know how long we have left to live and I pray that this Mother and other innocent, good folks have God in their lives and are ready to meet him.

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