Republican Mistaking YMCA Kids for Migrants Is Not the Real Border Problem

School BusHave you been following the immigration mess at the border recently? Basically, there are a ton more people than usual trying to sneak into the country, and many if not most of them are children. It's absolutely heartbreaking, but thanks to our totally jacked up immigration system, they're being deported to their home countries -- mostly Central America.

Now since we're talking about children, emotions flair on the topic, because no one wants to send kids back to crime-infested third-world countries. A lot of politicians are speaking out about it, but not a lot of people are listening. Take for example one Republican in Arizona who made the heinous mistake of thinking a busload of YMCA camp kids were migrant children.

Arizona Rep. Adam Kwasman, a Republican, was trying to make a point on Tuesday that we need to be compassionate toward these children, and care more about the spirit of the law than the absolute rule of law. He tweeted a picture of a school bus that he believed to be full of dozens of migrant children headed to a shelter. He wrote, "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law."

Later he was interviewed by's Brahm Resnick, who rather than ask him about how he thinks we can fix this problem long term, or what he's doing right now to help these poor kids, was just giddy that he'd caught a Republican in a trap.

You see, the school bus Kwasman had tweeted about wasn't full of migrant children -- it was a YMCA summer camp traveling to a nearby facility.

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Yeah, it was a gaffe. Another reporter said the kids all looked happy, but honestly that's sort of irrelevant. Instead of trying to have a real discussion about what constitutes compassion within the bounds of law and practicality, this reporter was just anxious to jump all over this guy's mistake.

It's the perfect example of how Americans won't work together to actually get anything done. Instead of waiting to pounce on each other's political gaffes, maybe we could actually talk about something relevant -- you know, like how to handle this border crisis.

What do you think of Kwasman's gaffe? Honest mistake or political suicide?


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Kattey Kattey

I love how you so neatly sidestep the issue of the children in need so you whine about the mean old reporter calling out this elected moron as evidence that "we don't work together". Never mind that in his haste to be a prejudicial and hateful dick about children seeking refuge, this representative couldn't even bother to fact check who these children were before writing his drivil.

nonmember avatar Sarah

No one's perfect, everyone makes mistakes, everyone makes assumptions. That being said, a reporter shouldn't dwell on a silly mistake when there's a real issue they can discuss. I mean, I love making fun of politicians as much as the next guy, but at some point you have to discuss the real issues.

nonmember avatar Truth

Of course republicans don't care about these kids. They have all been born! If these were fetuses...... THAT would be different!

nonmember avatar Kiki71

You people are something else! We have immigration laws for a reason, why aren't they being upheld? Ever? Not only are these buses carrying people who have crossed illegally, but many carry illnesses putting our kids at risk too, the kids have to go somewhere so what are we going to do? Place them in the already overworked foster system, we already know how well that works. These parents sent their kids on a journey, alone... How was that a good idea? What about the gang members that are in the groups you want released in your community? Ms-13 now recruiting in your hometown! I don't think so! We have laws in place that need to be followed! I am all for immigration, but do it LEGALLY !!

Linny Minnie Lanney

They sent back 38 people out of 80,000. they are here to stay. Vaccinate your children. each one will be legally allowed to bring 9 family members. they will all be on board for food stamps, benefits galore, and money for each of the ten kids they pop out. If you thought the ecomny was bad before, watch them drain BILLLIONS. Google the resort in Texas being set up for them that's already costing 50 million. they don't care about our vets or our hungry kids.

Linny Minnie Lanney

For all you bleeding heart libtards, why don't you volunteer your homes to any of these illegals. DHS is looking for volunteers.  Let one of these "children" who look like 30 year old men into your home. These men children will be enrolling into your daughters high schools soon. good luck with that

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@Linny do you forget the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door." What makes the people crossing the SW boarder any different than Cuban Refugees. In fact whether we agree with Cuban policy or not it's quite easy to see at this point in time the Central American countries from which these children hail are much more perilous environments.

Books... BooksandWine

Linny do you have any idea how racist and ignorant you sound? Dear lord, that is not compassionate or kind in the slightest.

We are dealing with children here who, through no fault of their own, have made their way into this country. Is sending them back to a horrid situation an option? Perhaps legally, but not morally.

Should we cap the family members they are able to bring over? In my opinion, yes. While I believe in helping the children, I also believe in setting a precedent that makes it less appealing for people to send their children in this way with the hope of citizenship for many. There are compromises that can be made.

What angers me, though, is that if all these facilities were available- why don't 100% of homeless veterans have a place to live. We can, and should help these children, but we also need to help Americans currently in need.

tbruc... tbrucemom

Kiki and Linny are right. Leesha-you seem to forget Elian Gonzalez. He was here illegally from Cuba and they sent him back. I feel for these children, I really do. As far as your quote, first generation immigrants came here and made their own way. Today we have a legal way to immigrate to our country. Like BooksandWine said, we can't even take care of our vets properly.

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