Couple Who Thought Ghost Trashed Their Home Find Scary Truth Hiding Under Bed

Brian and Bridget O'Neill came home to their Seattle apartment late last Wednesday and were shocked to find it absolutely trashed. Lotion was smeared on the door handles, a can of paint had been dumped into the toilet, the junk mail was ripped open ... it was a mess.

Surprisingly though, nothing was missing. All of their valuables were still there. They called the police, but they couldn't figure out what had happened either. The couple wondered if it had maybe been paranormal activity but discovered the scary truth later that night -- there was a meth addict with a knife hiding under their bed.

After the cops spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out what had caused the destruction in the couple's apartment, they left and the O'Neills started to clean up. Bridget discovered the soles of about 20 of her shoes had been ripped out, and electronics had been piled all over the bed.

Brian bent down to pick up a bracelet off the floor, and that's when they heard it. "It was a noise coming from something alive," Brian said. "It sounded like a dying possum or raccoon. I had only heard wounded animals make that kind of noise before."

Bridget wondered if it was one of their two cats, but Brian said, "I don't think it's the cat." When the noises got louder and they started hearing fierce scratching, they fled the scene and called the cops again. When officers returned, they searched the bedroom and found a skinny wild-eyed woman who had been hiding under the bed for at least two hours.

Police believe the woman, who admitted to being on a days-long "meth rampage," was hiding due to drug-induced paranoia. For some inexplicable reason, she had been using the knife to try to cut the box springs out from under the bed.

"When I saw that it was a woman, my reality suddenly kind of shifted," Brian shared. "My wife pretty much collapsed on the stairwell." He says she looked to be about 5-foot-7 and maybe 90 pounds. "I thought it was one of the skinniest people I have ever seen," he said.

In addition to finding a scary meth head under their bed, the couple also discovered a hypodermic needle in the sheets and snippets of her hair around the apartment.

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Bridget said that despite her initial fear, she ended up taking pity on the woman. "Rather than use the knife to pop out and murder us, she was using the knife to deconstruct the box springs of the bed," she said. "Honestly, I feel kind of bad for her. This woman was so tiny and not together, it’s hard to be mad. If you describe yourself as being on a meth rampage, you’re probably in bad shape. I feel like regular old meth is bad enough."

The couple also said they don't feel the need to move but will probably get a new mattress. I don't blame them a bit.

Would you be more scared if your home were trashed by a meth head or a ghost?


Image via Flood G./Flickr

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Your question reminds me of a "Jack in The Box" ad: Would you rather have spoon hands or elbows for ears. I believe both (ghosts or meth heads) are things I'd rather not experience. That couple is better than I could ever be, I would not have felt any pity for someone after they trashed my house. Paint in the toilet?! Nope ,no pity.

SoJaided SoJaided

OMG Prima, you had me crying from laughing so hard about spoon hands or elbows for ears! Thanks for that!

nonmember avatar Kristi

I think I just shat myself!

missy... missybest

Sorry folks, but they aren't very smart if they thought a ghost did it.  Take pity on sick addicts all you want.  They are lucky she didn't kill one or both of them.  Drugs are killing are country.  It sickens me!

sprin... springrain714

How sorry will they feel the next day when she goes on her next rampage, and someone does get killed??? It's just a matter of time.

nonmember avatar Nina

How pathetic are their police force that they didn't check under the bed? What if the paranoid meth head ith the knife decided to kill them instead of their box spring?

nonmember avatar Joan

She probably started out as a Ritalin kid.

the4m... the4mutts

Look, I have no sympathy for druggies. ESPECIALLY meth users. Hardcore drugs are a CHOICE to use, and anyone that does it, even ONCE is a moron. Everybody knows what they can do to your body and mind.

But why are some of you angry that the couple felt badly for her? They didn't excuse her actions. They still let the cops take her. They just had sympathy at the same time as they were getting justice for their torn up house.

sterl... sterling21

I would be more scared of a meth rampaged ghost.

nonmember avatar Les

Watch how u judge people. You have no idea of the life circumstances that led her to that night. She's one of us too. U have no idea what your capable of in extreme situations.

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