Mom Accused of Watching Boyfriend Kill Baby & Then Helping Him Bury Body (VIDEO)

What would you do if you walked into your toddler's bedroom in the morning and found her beaten, bloody, bruised, and dead? Would you call the police, scream, cry, sink to the ground, and wail uncontrollably? Probably all of those, if you're most moms. But if you're Alexis Botello, you allegedly drive to a store with your boyfriend, buy a shovel, and help bury your baby. Botello, 17, has been charged in connection with the brutal death of her child, 19-month-old Tylea. Her boyfriend, Joshua Markus Beard, has been charged in her death.

Botello, of Texas, reportedly told police of an absolutely grotesque scene: Her boyfriend of a few months, Beard, abusing her baby so hard that "green stuff" started coming out of her mouth as he stomped on her stomach.

Botello claims she tried to get Beard to stop beating her baby, but then he would turn on her. No word why she didn't grab a kitchen knife and finish the job on him, that's what I would have done.

Botello said she then put the baby to sleep in her crib and, the next morning, found her covered in bruises, bite marks, and cuts. The baby was dead.

At this point, Botello allegedly drove with her boyfriend to a store, purchased a shovel, and buried Tylea in a hole in the ground. The child was only discovered missing after Beard's aunt called police when she couldn't find the baby.

A mother is put on this Earth to protect her children, end of story. It's horrific when you hear these stories of women choosing their boyfriends -- some they barely even know -- over the children who love them. They choose people who don't love them over the ones who really do. I will never understand it.

Poor little Tylea didn't stand a chance, and allegedly she died in the most brutal way imaginable. She should have been able to count on her mom to help her. She could not.

Image via Arlington Police

child abuse


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shutu... shuturpiehole

Well if we have learned ONE THING about our "justice" system, the guy will end up spending about 12 years in prison IF THAT after time served, good behavior etc. And the "mother" will probably only go to court for minor accesory charges, and she will probably get probation and pop out more babies to abuse in a short period of time!


R.I.P. sweet baby girl.


I am so sick of stories like this.

Cari Poissant

Im soo sick and disgusted at people like this. There is too much of this going on in the world now. That poor baby is now in heaven with her main protector, never to be harmed again. Thank you Jesus. I hope the mother and boyfriend rot in hell.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

If anyone ever did anything close to that to my child, it would be the last thing the EVER do! Stories like this make me so sick. I hope he is repeatedly raped and beaten in prison.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

Oh, and I hope someone stomps on HIS stomach until "green stuff" comes out of his mouth.

twili... twilightsbella

I would never allow anyone to even lay one finger on my kids. My kids come first before anybody. Wat piece of shit people poor babygirl

nonmember avatar mel

I wish that baby had been more loved. I hope she has comfort wherever her soul is now. I can only love my daughter and protect her . I will love her and hold her a little more in the name of Tylea.


And this is why I advocate the death penalty when the suspect is truly guilty as that POS--including the sorry excuse for a mother.

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

There has to be a special place in hell for these sick and twisted individuals..

hello... hellokd87

Poor baby, it's young idiots like this that don't deserve to be a mother. How can you not stop someone from beating your child because you would get beaten?! I would gladly take anything away from my baby & in turn get it myself. Then again I would not be in that kind of predicament where my significant other hurt my child. My husband would be eating through a tube if he ever laid a finger on our baby boy.

nonmember avatar Lana

Please this bitch was not afraid of him turning on her. She was ok with him doing this. No way in hell could I just stand there and let someone hurt my child. Mothers turn into vicious beasts to protect their kids. These two "humans" are broken. We need to get rid of both of them. Death penalty ASAP!!

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