Teen Dies After Chasing Thief Who Stole Her New iPhone

Ruby Rubio was walking with her 7-year-old sister in California when a man suddenly snatched her brand-new iPhone, ran off, and jumped into the passenger seat of a car. The 15-year-old girl, who received the expensive phone from her parents as a gift for doing well in school, didn't let the man get away with his crime. She chased the thief and jumped onto the hood of his car -- but her heroic attempt had a tragic ending.

After she jumped onto the car, Ruby reportedly tried to hang on by the antenna. But the vehicle sped away and Ruby fell off and hit her head on the pavement. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Two days after the incident, her mom says she opened her eyes for just a moment, looked at her, and said "mom" before passing away.

Absolutely heartbreaking. And even more so knowing that her family kept vigil by her bed for two days, hoping and praying that she would recover and join them again. And all this over a phone.

Police recovered Ruby's iPhone close to the scene, but the thief responsible for this senseless crime is still on the loose. Cops describe him as a Hispanic man in his late 20s to early 30s, standing about 5 feet, 10 inches, wearing a black baseball hat, white tank top, and light-colored jeans.

Ruby was going to be a sophomore in high school this fall. She was such a good student that her family gave her this gift and, having already broken two phones, they believe she chased the car because she was afraid of getting in trouble if anything happened to her new iPhone. No parent should ever have to bury their child, and it would be nearly impossible in a case like this one to find peace and closure until the suspect is apprehended.

Do you think it's okay to give young teens iPhones or do you feel criminals target them too easily?


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Prett... PrettyWings29

What a horrible story. Her parents should have gotten insurance on the phone, then she wouldn't have had to run off after the thief. I know it's human instinct to want to chase after the person that steals something from you, but really, she should have reported it stolen. iPhones have built in gps so I don't doubt it wouldn't have been too long before she got it back. My condolences to the family. 

youth... youthfulsoul

Poor girl. Hope they catch the low life responsible.

nonmember avatar mel

This is why it's Important to have conversations with your child about this stuff. If you tell your child, if someone tries to take this from you don't fight them it's not worth it. Sadly children need these talks so when things do happen they have an idea of what to do. Obviously she was probably more fearful of her parents then chasing the guy down. Maybe if she had gotten a "talk" she would have been okay with it and let it go. Not the parents fault just a lesson to be open with your kids and to have these "talks" . I teach my children not to pull out all their money in front of people, keep their valuables hidden from plain sight etc. Poor girl a phone was not worth her young life, if only she knew that

nonmember avatar Michael

Mel hit it on the nose. Stuff is just stuff.

That said, parents also need to be careful about giving something small and portable worth 100's of dollars to kids-they are making those kids targets.

steph... steph0420

@pretty even with insurance, it still costs at least $150+ to replace a phone

Prett... PrettyWings29

@steph, better than losing your life.

bunny... bunnyxlover

who jumps on the hood of a moving car though?

Prett... Prettymotherof2

Well actually it only cost 50 dollars to replace a phone that is insured I have had an iPhone for years and have to replace a few. But yes her parents should of told her what to do in this situation instead of just telling her how much trouble she would be in if it got broke or whatever. I was always reminded to not have my phone or money out in public a lot where everyone can see. I'm now 22 and was looked up and down at a park alone with my kids by a group of boys checking to see if I had anything on me I kept my phone hid in the stroller and brought no purse or money they walked away after seeing nothing on me

nonmember avatar southerncupcake

Amazing how worried teens these days are soo worried about their phone. She was so worried about it that she put her and her sisters life at risk. And look what happened. All over a phone! !!!!!!

Kelly... Kellyjuarez033

I didn't realize ANYBODY had to be told that their lives were more important than any personal belonging. This is tragic, but a 15 year old should have more sense than that. It makes me mad that anybody is blaming the parents for anything. But then again, everybody needs someone to take the blame now.

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