Mom of Toddler Killed in Hot Car Under Fire for 'Odd' Behavior After His Death

The mother of Cooper Harris, the 22-month-old boy at the center of a soon-to-be murder trial, is now coming under suspicion in the boy's death. It should be noted that no charges have been filed against Leanna Harris, but questions have been raised. Whether those questions are legitimate concerns or just spurious assumptions and nasty speculation remains to be seen. But police have alleged that she behaved oddly in the hours following her son's death in the backseat of a hot car -- a death that prompted a murder charge against his father, Justin Ross, who insists he left him in the car by accident.


Police allege that when Leanna showed at Cooper's daycare to pick him up, and she was told he wasn't there, she replied, "Ross must have left him in the car." Reportedly, daycare workers tried to tell her that there could be other reasons why he wasn't there, but she insisted he must have left Cooper in the car. Which makes sense because Ross had texted asking when she was picking him up -- so what else? Maybe she just has deductive reasoning.

Leanna admitted that she had done searches on the Internet along with her husband about leaving children in a hot car. While this could seem suspicious, the defense team says it was "Leanna's worst nightmare" and that she and her husband had just learned of a statewide initiative to remind parents about checking their cars, which prompted the searches. Either way, tragic. The searches either gave one or both parents a diabolical idea -- or the searches went right out of Ross's mind.

Police also claim that Leanna asked Ross, "Did you say too much?" when she came to the police station.

Then there's all that sexting her husband was doing during the time Cooper was dying. Most mothers would be outraged that their husband forgot their child in a hot car while he was busy trying to get busy with other women (including a teen). But Leanna praised Ross at the funeral and even mentioned "future children." And during the probable cause hearing testimony, she seemed detached and chewed gum. But people all react to trauma differently.

The two were also having financial difficulties, and messages exchanged between them showed that Leanna was well aware of this. There was a $25,000 life insurance policy on Cooper. However, many families are given free policies through their employers; it's unclear how the Harrises got theirs.

Could Leanna have been in on any plan to have her son roast to death in a hot car? Without any charges, it's all just speculation -- and very hurtful speculation at that. With something this serious, it's wrong to jump to conclusions.

It's mind-boggling to think a mother could do that -- but it's just as horrific to think a dad could. We won't know what happened until a jury has their final say -- and even then we may never know the complete truth.

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