Mom Kills Her 2 Kids & Herself Exactly 3 Months After Soldier Son's Suicide

A mother and her two daughters were found dead, with plastic bags over their heads, exactly three months after the Texas mom's soldier son committed suicide in the family's home.

Angela Mtambu, who was 47 and a nurse, reportedly killed her daughters, Callidora and Eudora -- ages 6 and 9 -- with nitrogen gas before taking her own life. This took place EXACTLY three months to the day after her 23-year-old son, Mitchell Gwatida, asphyxiated himself in his bedroom -- the same room his mom chose to commit this atrocious and devastating act.

Gwatida, who reportedly served in the U.S. Air Force from 2010 to 2013, killed himself in April, and the details surrounding his decision to do so are unclear. But it comes as no surprise that Mtambu was left grief-stricken after the incident and battled depression.

The 47-year-old mom's pain was so evident that one of her relatives told police she believed the woman was capable of hurting her children and herself. As a result, social services took the girls away and Mtambu was sent to get help at a Pennsylvania mental institution.

Apparently, the institution didn't have a legal reason to keep her there after a three-week stay because the mom wasn't exhibiting behaviors that led them to believe she was a danger to either herself or others. Mtambu was released approximately one week before she did this.

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And the scariest part? Her relatives saw the mom and girls right before this happened -- they went out for dinner with them the night before. They say there was no "sign" she was about to hurt her family.

I think this is one of those truly horrific stories that makes you want to point fingers -- mainly at the mental institution -- but at the end of the day, if Mtambu hid her grief well, how could a doctor keep her somewhere against her will? I feel for her because I couldn't imagine losing one of my children. But I know we're all wishing she had found the strength she clearly lacked to keep living for her other children -- who didn't deserve to have their lives cut short.

Do you feel empathy for this mom or find it difficult to forgive what she did?


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If you have thought of suicide, or know someone who has, please reach out to a suicide hotline. You can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).



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ladyl... ladylopezzz

I feel empathy, yes. I have been there before in the dark place in your head you can't get out of. However it's really sad that she killed her daughter's as well. Rest in peace to all of them.

CaraB... CaraBear31

This is so sad!! I will not judge her because I have never been in that state of mind but it really is a horrible tragedy. RIP to all of them :(

J.m. Brookes

This is a prime example of why experts say  that suicide is selfish.  Even more when it's done while others watch  (PTSD will happen, for sure), or you know someone that loves you will find your body.

You're so wrapped up in your own head that you never truly consider the ones you'll leave behind, (including any pets) and how it will affect their own lives,


I feel bad for the mom but also it angers me that she killed her 2 girls as well. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. Apparently, she hid it really well.

nonmember avatar A.Finch

My oldest daughter committed suicide a year ago it is so hard to deal with and honestly I am still waiting for her to come home. She left 4 siblings behind as well and I feel for anyone in this situation. I have to admit I have thought alot of going to be w her but could never leave my other children to lose her and me. I have had thought of all of us going to be w her but that would not be fair to my kids they deserve to be here and make there own decisions for their life. To say suicide is selfish is pure ignorance noone knows the real reason why she left us and yes it hard to not know and knowing would be hard as well but isnt it safe to say anyone commiting suicide is hurting. Isnt it selfish of us to expect that person to continue to live in whatever pain they are dealing w for us. I would give anything to have her back and help her thru whatever was going on when u are young she was 16 I dont think u get the fact that death is real and forever esp when we dont have alot of death in our family to deal w.

Lisa Lindsley

I kind of understand killing yourself due to losing a child but to kill your other two children I don't understand. Why take their life they did nothing wrong.. Where was their father during all of this?

nonmember avatar Cynthia Sanders

Im sorry she lost her son to suicide but she deserved to get the right kind of help then this senseless tragedy would not have happened. R.I.P. to her and her wonderful daughters who had their lives cut short wayyyy too soon. Ive dealt with depression and many times have tried to commit suicide but im still here cause of my son. i couldnt leave him.

sterl... sterling21

Many people have admitted in notes or in passing to a clueless relative the reason they murder there children is so they wont be alone and what feel the pain of there parents or parent action. The Goebbles, Hitler's closest thing to a family, killed themsleves and poisoned the numerous children they had, they knew the children would be looked down upon so they decided to spare them the humiliation. I have been in dark spots and have received help for my attempts, but a son can live without his mother, they can still have amazing lives, the point is they live. Its not selfishness to kill your children its stupidity, I understand suicide,its a sickness, especially child murder is inexcusable, they could have grown up therapist or politicians who reformed the mental healthcare, how dare she forbid them from living.

nonmember avatar Ash

This sorry of thing happen with what's her face that drowned her kids....

Andrea Yates was kicked out a mental facility due to they couldn't pay. Went home and killed her kids. Stupid stupid

nonmember avatar JustMe

I feel sorry for her. Suicide is a hard thing to deal with. So is contemplating it. Ive always heard that those who commit suicide just want the pain to stop. Its true. People who commit suicide arent selfish or stupid. They are in pain and cant see themselves coming out of it.

As far as her killing her children i dont know what she was thinking, no one does. I feel it was a horrible thing to do but maybe she saw no other choice. I hope her family gets through this.

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