Man Hits & Kills Pregnant Breast Cancer Survivor with Car

An Alabama man intentionally hit a pregnant woman's car over and over again and then struck and killed her when she got out of the vehicle to survey the damage, according to police.

Janice Pitts, 53, was sitting at a traffic light on a highway with her daughter Iesha Davis in the passenger seat and 4-year-old grandson in the back when police say Dewey Green, 23, hit the rear of her SUV -- and then kept hitting it.

Green was reportedly driving to Atlanta to visit his girlfriend. No one is sure why, after he hit into the back of Pitts' vehicle once, he didn't just stop, but police say they suspect he was drinking.

The woman, who was a two-time breast cancer survivor and had recently found out she was pregnant, waited until Davis had stopped ramming into her car and then got out of her SUV to check for damages. That's when Davis says the reckless driver put his foot on the accelerator AGAIN and struck Pitts, pinning her between the two vehicles.

It happened as her daughter and grandson watched -- how truly horrific.

Davis says she kept banging on the window with her hand and pleading with the man to stop crushing her mother, but that Green wouldn't look at her, "kept his face straight and kept his foot on the gas."

This poor daughter, who says she'll never get the image of her mother being crushed to death out of her mind, then had to watch the man back up and drive off. His truck reportedly went over the median and was stopped by witnesses who made him get out of his vehicle.

Turns out Green smelled like alcohol, according to police, who are also investigating the possibility that drugs were involved. The self-described skater and extreme sports enthusiast also has a record of traffic violations, police said, and was convicted in 2011 for reckless driving after he was caught speeding at 99 mph. He has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

Depending on how far along in her pregnancy Pitts was, police said he may also be charged with feticide.

What consequence do you feel this man should face if he is found guilty?


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nonmember avatar Kaye

Not only should he be put to death, but he should be put to death by being hit by a car, again and again. I'll be happy to drive that car.

mrsary mrsary

Miracle baby at 53 too. So sad.

kryst... krystlzd3

A pregnant 53 year old?

nonmember avatar Melissa

This occurred in my town. It disgusts me. Unfortunately meth use is a big time problem in the area. My heart goes out to her family.

nonmember avatar Jeana

Wait a second .. depending on the duration of the pregnancy??! Weird that killing the unborn child of your pregnant victim, period, wouldn't be enough to charge with "feticide" (since we won't call it what it is -- murder) ...

lasombrs lasombrs

Thats terrible. :( not looking down on her at all but why oh why did she get out of the car? I had some insane road rage guy smash my truck several times and then follow me for 20 miles through multiple towns trying to continue doing it. I called 911 and they said keep driving til the could srround him. and they did with dogs and guns drawn and everything. I never would have stopped and gotten out. Its so so sad he killed her like that :(

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

It does matter Jeana. You can't call it murder if it isn't a viable fetus that can't survive on it's own.

Dolce... Dolcepsle

This is horrible. I feel terrible for those that had to witness this tragedy as well.

Side note: please fix your article. ....waited until DAVIS stopped ramming into her car.....that's when DAVIS said.

GREEN was ramming the car.

squee... squeekers

can justice be death by getting runover and over and over again

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