Boy Captures Spooky Soldier 'Ghost' on Camera at Battlefield Cemetery

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Do you believe in ghosts? Or are you more like me, in that you're a skeptic but you still love creepy ghost stories? Either way, the news of a British boy supposedly capturing the image of a long-dead Scottish soldier at a battlefield cemetery in France is fun to speculate over.

Last week 14-year-old Mitch Glover took several pictures with his iPhone during a school trip to the Neuville-St. Vaast German burial ground, and he later discovered a pale shape in the left side of one of the images. Glover has since learned that the site where he took the photo is near the location of buried Scottish soldiers from the 114th Seaforth Highlanders -- and some believe you can see the kilt and tam-o'-shanter of a Scottish soldier in the image.

The Neuville-St Vaast German war cemetery in northern France is very close to the Nine Elms military cemetery, which is where 12 N.C.O'S. and men of the 114th Seaforth Highlanders are laid to rest. According to Glover's mother, when she saw her son's photo (which he captured via black and white setting), she thought it was strange enough to show it around:

At first I thought when I saw it looked a bit Tudorish. It looked like Henry VIII with the hat on the side, stood with hands on hips. It didn't look like a German soldier. I thought it just looked out of place. And then a friend of mine said, do you realize that looks a bit Scottish, like World War outfits from the Seaforth Highlanders. I could see what they meant. It looks like they are holding something in one arm. Whether it's a rifle or something one friend said it looks like he's stood on guard over them.

Here's a closeup of Glover holding his photo. I can see how people think it looks like a figure, and I guess I can sort of see something that might look like the plaid of a kilt.

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Being the total killjoy that I am, I think it's far more likely that it's a lens flare artifact, a reflection of some kind (like if he took it through a car window), or a good old-fashioned Photoshop job than an actual ghost. Also, it'd be nice if just one of these ghost/Bigfoot/Loch Ness Monster photos wasn't quite so indistinct and grainy. Juuuuuuust saying.

What do you think? Can you see a Scottish soldier in that image?

Image via pentaxtic/Flickr


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nonmember avatar llmommie

Can I just say I HATE every time this site does an article like this!?!?!? It is a non-story if your story is about a picture, video, news clip, article, story, Whatever!, and it's not included. Then we have to find a real article that actually had all the info. If you can't show whatever it is the story is about, whether because you don't have the rights to it, or are taking the moral high road, or just don't want to show it---don't make an article about it!!!

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Post the stupid picture idiot bloggers. Waste my time......

Cari Poissant

Why do you have to hit a link to see the picture?? Why the heck wouldnt you put the correct picture on this article. Soo dumb

sassy... sassykat122

Um,  LLMOMMIE and AUTUMNLEAVES87? The link is right there. And Cari, how hard is it to click a link? Seriously? Just one. quick. click.

Lesli... Lesliemom2mzjm

I agree with sassykat, the link is right there.  There could potentially be some copyright issues why they can't post in their blog, so linking is totally appropriate.  Anyhoo, I totally think that it shows a ghost.  I really didn't expect it to be so vivid though.

lacul... laculver98

Yep. Link works. Right there. Click it.

evilekat evilekat

Smh. People act like photoshop doesn't exist or something...

ajdoma ajdoma

I don't think there's much chance this is what they say it is.  For one thing, I would bet that the Scottish soldiers were not out there fighting in the kilts and tams.  That's not very practical battle attire. 

I do believe there are spirits who linger, but I hope they don't get stuck hanging around gloomy places like battlefields and cemeteries. 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Why would he appear wearing regimental tartan? If he died in battle then logically he'd appear in the uniform he died in.

Sharon Hill

It's an app. See the obvious hoaxing exposed here.

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