Police Say Man Who Shot Lesbian Teens & Left Them to Die Had Help From His Wife

In 2012, Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, and her girlfriend, Mary Christine Chapa, 18, were shot in the head and neck and left to die in a Portland, Texas park. Olgin was already dead when birdwatchers found her body the morning after the attack, and Chapa, who was disfigured by the shot to her head and had to be identified by her feet and hands, somehow found the strength to crawl away to get help. The survivor was left paralyzed on the left side of her body and unable to communicate. And the monster who did this to them remained on the loose for two long years.

But police say they've arrested a man whom they say they are "absolutely confident" is responsible for this heinous crime. David Strickland, 27, is being charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated assault, and cops say he didn't act alone. His 23-year-old wife allegedly helped him hide his disgusting actions.


Known as the "Stone Cold Killer" among police because he is smirking in his mug shots and got away with this double shooting for so long, Strickland reportedly approached Olgin and Chapa at the park and sexually assaulted and shot the Texas A&M students.

His wife, Laura Strickland, is accused of covering up for her husband. She faces charges of tampering with evidence. Police say they found Strickland "hiding out" in an apartment at the time of his arrest.

You would never know looking at photos of the Stricklands that they could do something so repulsive. They seem like a normal couple. And it's still unclear what on earth would drive Strickland to shoot and kill these young girls, who hadn't even begun living their lives yet. It could certainly be a hate crime, as was originally assumed, but we don't have enough information to make that determination yet.

This is one of the saddest stories we've heard and the fact that the murderer in this case may have been caught is bittersweet. It certainly doesn't bring Olgin back or give Chapa her health, but with hope, it will offer some closure to their family.

If he's found guilty, why do you think Strickland would do this to two young girls? Why would his wife cover up his crimes?


Image via Portland Texas Police Department/Facebook


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