Doctor Arrested for Despicable 'Discipline' on Foster Child

A surgeon has been charged with trying to shove his fist down a child's mouth.  Dennis James Sullivan of Minnesota has been charged with second degree attempted murder after he was allegedly caught trying to stick his fist down his 10-year-old foster child's throat. Luckily, he was reportedly stopped by his wife.

Sullivan allegedly tried to push his fist down the child's throat as punishment, but was caught by his wife and stopped him. She is probably the one who called police, though it's unclear.

Reportedly, the doctor even put a glove on his hand before he committed the alleged horrific and violent deed. Because hygiene is so important when you're abusing a child! Ugh.

I guess we'd all like to think that someone as respected and educated as a doctor wouldn't even think of doing something like this, but of course child abuse happens in all kinds of households. Remember Joel Steinberg was a lawyer who beat his little illegally adopted daughter, Lisa, to death.

It's scary to think that a guy like this could be the guy you turn to to save your life.

Sullivan was also charged with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and second-degree assault.

There is no punishment that warrants sticking your fist, or even your hand, in a child's mouth. If this guy is guilty, he deserves everything he gets. And how sad that this was a foster child, who had probably gone through a lot already.

Thank goodness the wife happened upon this alleged horrible scene and did something about it.


Image via Grand Forks County Jail

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nonmember avatar Emmie

Piece of crap.. and how refreshing to hear about a wife protecting their child over their husband. Bravo lady for doing the right thing.

nonmember avatar Chief Epic

Wow. I do NOT know why or how someone would do this. Hopefully the kid is still alive.

Mommy... Mommy1438

Ugh :/

I lived in a foster home with Sandy and Dwayne Whittaker, a family in Atwater, OH. After having been abused I was rebelious and always pushing limits. One day I refused to get my feet off of the back seat of the car, after Dwayne pushed them down several times I told him to knock it off and he choked me for several seconds. His wife sat next to him and just yelled to 'be careful'. I got out of the car to cry and they called my caseworker to report that I had a "random meltdown". Old bastard is lucky I was just 14-if he'd been a year later I'd have stabbed him w/o remorse.... that's what foster care does to a kid. Anyway in this case he got off scott free with that among other abuses. I am glad this one got caught.

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