Criminal's Sexy Mugshot Makes Him Internet Sensation (PHOTO)

He's criminally sexy and could end up being a model prisoner. Women all over the globe are drooling over convicted felon Jeremy Meeks, who was arrested again in Stockton, California, this time on weapons charges, and is being held on $900,000 bond. But look at those eyes!! The Internet has always had a fascination with sexy mugshots (remember Meagan Simmons?) but the ladies haven't gotten one for themselves in quite awhile, if ever. Enter Jeremy Meeks with his ice-blue eyes, Alps-high cheekbones, caramel skin, pouty lips, and well, gang tats all over his neck. But what's a little criminal behavior when a dude is this purty? Take a look:

The Stockton Police Deptartment put Jeremy's mugshot (along with his alleged accomplices) up only 24 hours ago, and already it's received over 60,000 "likes" and almost 18,000 comments. Typical of the ladies:

- Those eyes and lips ... that facial bone structure ... wow!

- They have the wrong man ... my man!!!! #freejeremy

- We should all post his bail -- if we all donated $1 ...

- He can break into my house any day!

And typical of the disgruntled men:

- Don't expect to come crying to the rest of us ordinary mortals when [he] beats the crap out of you or worse ...

- Women seem to like bad boy losers who treat them badly.

- He's not that good-looking!

But by far most people wanted to know why a guy like this didn't become a model instead of a jailbird. Said one commenter:

So handsome, it's obvious that with his physical traits he could have pursued a career in modeling or something of the sorts, instead he is a convicted felon.

Could this mugshot be Jeremy's ticket into the high fashion world? As someone who has covered the modeling industry for years, I can assure you that modeling agents are wondering that themselves. There's no doubt he's photogenic. If you can make a mugshot look good, you can make anything look good.

Problem? Few brands or designers would want to be associated with a convicted criminal. Not to mention, he could be in prison throughout the next few Fashion Weeks.

So, sorry, Jeremy. You could have been on the cover of GQ. But at least you'll be the hottest felon on your cellblock.

Should he be given a pardon so he can be a model?


Image via Stockton Police

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nonmember avatar Shawn

I am going to hope that is article is intended to be a joke because otherwise, I weep for the future of humanity. The man is a violent felon - who cares what he looks like?!? As for all the women around the world drooling over this guy's mug shot (mug shot - really?!) - my god, people are STUPID.

nonmember avatar Roni

Oh my gosh I am so turned on by teardrop tattoos! Excuse me while I relieve myself


Hot is hot, felon or not! But a pardon? I don't think so. I think the mug shot also says: been here, done this, just take the damn picture, I'm ready for my close-up.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Sure. He's hot but so are many men who aren't convicted felons. Stick with the non-criminals. 

balan... balancing-act

I'm sure they'll find him attractive in the prison cell block.

nonmember avatar sarah

no one ever went broke on a women's stupidity

Elaine Cox

Problem? Few brands or designers would want to be associated with a convicted criminal...2014..wake up..sad but true

nonmember avatar Raven

He will be someone's pretty little bitch in prison

zombi... zombiemommy916

Finding him extremely attractive is one thing...posting jokes about freeing him and posting his bond is another...I read an article where an investigator claimed he was one of the most violent offenders on their list! Yeah, that's SUPER sexy!

nonmember avatar Vanessa

Calm down people! Commenting on how good looking he is isn't the same thing as saying they want to marry him and have his kids and settle down in a cute house with a white picket fence. He's gorgeous! Most women want to live a fantasy by being with a hot guy that can get dirty with them in the bedroom (which would only be a bonus with this guy). Don't be such prudes! Dont forget about 50 shades of grey books. Hot guy (not a criminal) but didn't exactly treat women with respect behind doors. And yet....

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