Dad Killed by Stray Bullet at Welcome Home Celebration for His New Baby

Steven AyersThis is so incredibly tragic. A father in Panama City, Florida, was killed in his own home this week when he was hit by a stray bullet. But it gets worse. Steven Justin Ayers, 33, and his family were celebrating the arrival and homecoming of his new baby, who just happened to be born on Father's Day.

A birth, a death, and a cruel reminder about the dangers of guns. How did this happen?

The family had just come home with their 3-day-old baby when Ayers was struck with a 9-mm bullet, a bullet that had come from his neighbor's gun. His neighbor is reportedly a convicted felon and was drunk at the time. According to reports, the bullet "traveled through the neighbor's screen window, through woods, and through the sliding glass door of the Ayer's home."

When the police arrested the neighbor -- 62-year-old Charles Edward Shisler -- he was "extremely belligerent" and did not cooperate with the police. Although he did claim the gun accidentally went off when he picked it up by the trigger, he is facing charges of manslaughter and of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

This story is so incredibly sad. Due to one man being irresponsible and careless, another man not only lost his life, but his child will grow up without a father. Gun ownership is serious business. If someone opts to have a firearm in their home, they need to keep their gun safe, they need to keep their gun out of reach of children, and they need to not accidentally shoot and kill their neighbors.

Do you think in a case like this, the neighbor should do time?

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jpalm... jpalmer92

Guns are ment to be a safe form of protection. Drunk idiots like this one is the reason people blame guns. I hate the man was shot but it was because of poor judgement and irresponsibility of the neighbor. Guns are only dangerous when the person behind the trigger pulls the trigger. I'm sorry to the mans family who died too soon because of a dumb mistake. 

nonmember avatar Tara

This article is supposed show how being anti-gun is the right path to choose. Instead it proves criminals don't obey the law and that will leave law abiding citizens with no way to protect themselves from convicted felons, and our government who have guns!

Charl... Charlyla2

Yes, he should certainly be charged! He was acting like s moron and playing with a gun. Guns are for responsible people who will respect the power of the weapon. God, I wish people like the drunk neighbor could see anyone outside of themselves.

nonmember avatar Kim

Guns are NOT to blame! I hate when people imply that guns are dangerous. Irresponsible people with Guns are what is dangerous! Notice the article mentions that the shooter is a felon? He, by law, should not have a gun. So please do NOT imply that guns are what's to blame here. It's the criminals that are to blame, NOT responsible gun owners.

Linda Doss

death penalty! Another responsible gun owner....OMG...when will people wake up! It is against the law for him to have a weapon if he is a convicted felon.....

Mary Bush

With the neighbor being a felon, the gun should have been taken out of the house. This should never have happened and yes he should get the punishment he deserves

nonmember avatar susan Delgado

My condolences to the family. That beautiful child will never

know it's father. But will only have the photo of the dad holding the baby. As for the man that killed the father he should pay for what he did

IHear... IHeartCake

The neighbor will hopefully be spending the rest of his life behind bars.  You are responsible for if you shoot someone, even if it was a so-called accident.  You still have to take full responsibility.

Snake... Snakecharmer76

The primary purpose of a gun is to either maim or kill the thing/person/animal it is aimed at. Guns are inheritely dangerous. They are weapons. However, the responsibility of gun ownership and what happens to that weapon that individuals decide to keep in their residence is primary in this case. This man was wholly responsible for what happened due to his irresponsible use of a dangerous weapon.

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