Robber Caught Punching Pregnant Woman in Shocking Video

Police in Pensacola, Florida, are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance camera punching a store cashier in the face and then robbing the register. In the terrifying video, the woman, who is completely shocked and dropped to the ground by an unexpected punch to the face, begs the thug not to hurt her. And then she says those words that will terrify moms everywhere: "I'm pregnant."

The cashier is standing at a Boost Mobile store when a man looking like he's just browsing for phones walks into the store. The woman smiles and makes a little small talk. He casually approaches closer and then -- boom! -- hits her directly in the face. She didn't have any time to defend herself and goes flying to the ground. Poor woman, this must have been an unbelievable shock to her.

The thief then walks around the counter as she lays sprawled on the floor, and he demands to know how to open the register. It's hard to make out everything she says, but at one point she begs, "I'm pregnant. Please don't shoot me, please."

Thankfully, the asshat takes the cash and leaves. The woman, with a bloody nose, cries for help but no one comes to her aid. It's just heartbreaking.

The woman was reportedly treated for a broken nose. No word on whether her baby is okay -- or if perhaps she just said she was pregnant to get the man to leave her alone. Either way, she is probably going to have nightmares for a long time and not feel safe. Realizing how totally vulnerable you can be to another human being is devastating. Realizing how disgustingly untrustworthy some people can be and how difficult it is to pick up on that can shake your sense of self to the very core.

I hope this woman gets some psychological counseling, because this was a terrifying attack. And if she is pregnant, let's hope no harm came to the baby.

And let's get this bastard!

Here is the video. Keep in mind it's disturbing:


Editor's Note: A suspect, Vincent Lavon Johnson, 41, has been arrested.

Image via ITN/YouTube



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meaga... meagansmommy07

This happened not far from my hometown. They caught him this morning.

amy1will amy1will

I live In Pensacola. Makes me sick. We have have a so many shootings lately. It's horrible. So glad they caught him.

nonmember avatar Jen

This way near my hometown also, he was caught this morning. Thanks to the many shares this story received lots of tips came in!

waity... waitykate

No surprise it was a back guy........we ought to ship them all back to Africa.

nonmember avatar Amanda

Where the hell was Krista?!

SoJaided SoJaided

Waitykate, you're disgusting. We should drop you to the bottom of the ocean so you can't spread your racism and hate of an entire race of people. Honestly, judging by all your horrible, hateful comments on stories your probably just a troll starting drama. But, on the chance you are a person who truly feels these things, I pray you have no children to pass your terrible beliefs and hateful attitude to.

abra819 abra819

Sojaided..why are you even giving her attention? You're doing exactly what she wants..

SoJaided SoJaided

Lol Abra, I know! I couldn't help it. I had to do it just ONCE, but it's out of my system now. Promise!

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