Violent Pedophile Released From Jail: What Is the Chance He'll Attack Again?


There is no question that the thought of your child being the victim of a sexual predator is one of the biggest fears parents have. The idea that someone would hurt them in this way is soul crushing. Sadly, that is a reality too many parents have to deal with. For many, there is legal justice at the end of the horror story. However, for one Seattle family, the nightmare began all over again when they got word that their daughter's rapist was released from jail. Their fear: he will brutalize another child.

At the age of 13, Cory Roberts was jailed for beating and raping a 3-year-old girl he was babysitting. The vicious crime left the toddler paralyzed and brain damaged. Released 11 years later from a juvenile detention center in 2001, Roberts assaulted a 3-year-old boy within weeks and was sent back to prison. Now he is set to be freed again after a psychologist evaluation concluded that he is no longer dangerous or sexually attracted to children.

Even so, this story brings up a chilling and important conversation -- can pedophiles really be cured? Are children ever safe around someone with this type of history? "Pedophiles are likely to commit the crime again if they have not been sufficiently rehabilitated through psychiatric treatment and if they don't return into a supportive environment once they have been incarcerated," says renowned psychiatrist Carole Lieberman

In fact, according to a Harvard Medical School publication, the recidivism rate is alarmingly high. According to studies, one-fourth of heterosexual predators will commit the crime again and one-half of homosexual offenders will.

Though Lieberman insists there is a formula for keeping pedophiles from repeating the crime. "The best psychiatric treatment for pedophiles combines intensive psychotherapy to get at the root of his pedophilia, with medications, which can include testosterone-suppressing drugs and medication to address any additional psychiatric disorders the patient has, such as depression," she adds.

Lieberman, who has provided expert testimony in numerous trials involving child sexual assault, stresses that pedophiles should also stay away from alcohol, drugs, keep a job that occupies their time, and find outlets for sexual urges (such as masturbation or having an adult girlfriend or wife). And though there is no "cure," patients in steady treatment programs "feel less sexually aroused around children and are able to manage that arousal."

But for the community that Roberts has re-entered, the question remains, has he really turned his life around? He now lives in a halfway house and will be under strict supervision for the next 21 months. However, Kelly McGinnis, the mother of his first victim, isn't hopeful: "I know he's going to hurt someone else" she said. Let's hope and pray that she is wrong.

Do you think a pedophile can be successfully rehabilitated?


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Movie... Moviebuff

Nope I don't he will do it again.

LawNO... LawNOrderMommy

Not a chance. Three generations of my family and myself working in the legal system have seen these perverts reoffend over and over again.

Michele Hall

You forgot to mention the two boys he raped while in the juvenile facility serving time for the rape and beating of his first reported victim although your piece still includes more information than most local stations here in WA are reporting. He also is not being closely monitored (in my opinion) as there was no requirement for him to wear a GPS tracking device. He also refused any rehabilitation treatment while serving his time on McNeil Island. This whole situation makes me physically ill. I will never understand our justice is the best local coverage I have found so far and it also includes links to the origional case as well as the police flier.


That doctor sounds like a quack! They cannot be fixed. And telling them to get a wife? They'll just find one that has kids. They need a life sentence especially that pos.

nonmember avatar Lilah

Put the this beast down before he harms another child. Our justice system us a effen joke!!!!! Disgusting!!!!!

calim... calimomma707

NO! they cant, and if his mugshot is any indication -he is a predator for life. God forbid this to happen to a child around him. maybe the ppl who keep letting him out or the doctor who signed his release papers will need to put themselves in the shoes of the community whom they released this monster to. why is it that those ppl who make such decisions arent the ones who are effected by such ppl? its so easy to say let him go when he doesnt live next door to you. child rapist he is and will always be. lets hope that his parole is as strict as they say, ive seen half way houses who are "strict", maybe we dont have the same dictionary...

nonmember avatar Emma

Wow.. Our justice system really sucks what is this world coming too.

Carol Rafferty

Most people don't realize this, but this type of thing, is a brain disorder. It can be caused by stressors of life. I bumped, into a type of man, like this. Even though, I was only 11, at the time, I was smart, because I scared him, with my dad. He was afraid of my dad & it worked.

nonmember avatar Jaye

You cannot change your sexual desire. If you like women, then you like women, if you like children, you aren't going to change. Anyone who defends a child rapist is just as bad.

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