Mom of 3 Killed While Leaning Out Window of Moving Minivan

minivanEveryone has heard the term "freak accident." This tragic story is the very definition of one. Amanda Ezra was throwing up out the passenger window of a moving minivan when her head was bashed in by an object outside the vehicle. She died.

Ezra had been out on the town with friends and reportedly headed home at 4:40 a.m. Sitting on the lap of another passenger, she leaned her head out the window in an attempt to keep from spitting up inside. Police say she was struck by some unknown object and killed.

Oddly enough, in a panic, the driver and one of three other passengers ran away from the crash but were later caught. The driver was arrested for operating a car while intoxicated, causing serious bodily harm, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Ezra was just 24 and the mother of three, making this a tragedy on many levels. She had recently enrolled in school and had hopes of becoming a teacher. You can't help but feel so bad for her children. And though this was a strange accident, to be honest, her behavior was not bizarre in the very least. For most people, the first inclination would have been to do the same. No one wants to vomit inside a friend's car and certainly not on other passengers. This happens to tons of people every day, I'm sure. And never in a million years do they think that they will die doing it.

Perhaps a local woman said it best, "You've got a 24-year-old child you've raised to be a young adult and has their whole life ahead of them. And it's snuffed out because of a decision that was made and because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Have you ever heard of someone being injured by sticking their head out of a car window?


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Pinst... Pinstripes4

I wish the driver pulled over. What a senseless tragedy.

Einyn Einyn

I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for her. 24, mother of 3, out at nearly 5am, illegally sitting in a car on someone's lap, drunk driver, head out the window.. Not a lot of good choices there.

nonmember avatar kel

yes the.sitting on a friend's lap wasn't smart, but going out with friends does not make her IrresponsIble. you don't die after having kids, you can still go out once in a while with friends. So judgey Mcjudgerson can take her holier than thou attitude elsewhere. ThIs poor woman lost her life in a freak accident, her children are motherless and you going to bash her? shame on you

Michelle Delorme

its not a freak accident. if her and her friends werent drunk or they had called a taxi she wouldnt have been killed. simple as that. its a DRUNK DRIVING ACCIDENT. a freak accident is something that is unforseen and unplanned. if you make the choice to drive drunk or ride in a car with people who are driving drunk its not unplanned. you know the risks and consequences. and i dont feel sorry for her she made stupid choices that she KNEW could in danger her life but she did them anyway. I hope her friends are charged with manslaughter. I do however feel very sorry for her children. those poor babies will now how to grow up without their mom because their mom and her friends made the choice to drink and drive

TheSi... TheSilence

This would not be what I would call a 'freak accident' it's actually the consequence of a very stupid decision.

Melissa Vaccaro

Michelle - even if she did get a tx, she STILL would have had to throw up and STILLmore than likely have had her head out he window.  Would she have hit the object?  Who knows.  Dirving in a car with  drunk driver...yes VERY stupid.

nonmember avatar Alex

The driver did eventually get arrested on many charges for those of you wondering. (I'm from the city this happened in). Including OWI, driving never been licensed, possession of pot, reckless driving, ETC ETC.

nonmember avatar Terri

My heart breaks for her kids and she certainly didn't deserve death! However she was being extremely selfish jeopordizing her life riding (on someone's lap none the less) with a drunk driver when she knew she had 3 kids who need her. Say what you want but I am a mommy and I no longer am out at 4am drunk. Regardless, her loss is tragic. Our stupid actions do affect others. Her poor poor babies.

nonmember avatar Gina

If the person driving wasn't drunk they probably would've been able to avoid whatever it was that killed this woman. I can say that I have 2 kids and have gone out drinking plenty of times with friends and we have always had a designated driver. At some point you have to say, I'm no longer living for myself, my kids need me, and learn to make better decisions that don't put your life at risk. Poor kids.

Patty Richardson

I can't believe alot of these comments on here. I'm a recovering alcholic and I agree they shouldnt have been driving here. But how many times has ppl had thier hands out the window?? how many times have SOBER ppl hung thier heads out the windows if they got sick in a car???   This could have happened  to anyone of us..wish ppl would have a little more feelings for this family, I dont care if this mother was drunk.... she didnt deserve to die because of it.  And as to the Question that was asked of us.... My uncle messed up his arm when he had it out the window and another car got to close to them... And Guess What????? NO One was Drinking... imagine that , someone getting hurt without the presence of alchol.... wonders never cease

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