14-Year-Old Who Allegedly Killed His Father & Autistic Brother Shouldn’t Be Judged Yet

A 14-year-old boy reportedly blames his younger brother's autism for his double murder. Eldon Gale Samuel III of Idaho is on trial for murdering his 13-year-old brother as he cowered under a bed and also killing his father, who he says took out his rage about his brother on him, beating him. The teen is being charged as an adult.

Eldon sounds like he had a rough life from the get-go. Younger brother Samuel was severely autistic and needed all of the family's attention and resources. Eldon's mother reportedly couldn't deal anymore and abandoned the family, leaving the father, Eldon Samuel Jr., to take care of the two children. They all lived in an emergency housing unit owned by a charity.

Despite this, it doesn't seem like the family was getting much help. Witnesses testified that Eldon III's father would get high on drugs and alcohol and leave his children alone. Eldon III was often forced to care for his brother when his father was incapacitated. Additionally, he claims his father regularly beat him. His father also owned several guns and would terrorize the children with them.

How was this father able to own guns and regularly get high on drugs and beat his kid all while living in a charitable foundation's housing unit? Baffling.

Eldon III, not surprisingly, began to develop a visceral hate toward his younger brother -- and felt that, but for him, he would have a "happy family."

One night the father, according to Eldon III, was high on drugs, acting "insane," and talking about zombies. He then allegedly fired one shot in the air (neighbors backed up this account). Frightened that his father was going to come after him, Eldon III retrieved a gun and shot his father several times.

The judge reduced the son's charges to second degree murder after his claims of abuse and fear for his life.

But unfortunately, Eldon III then went after the one person he blamed for everything -- his younger brother, who was hiding under a bed. He allegedly shot him several times and also hacked him with a knife and machete.

This family was sending off warning alerts for a long time -- police had already had at least two encounters with the family, where the father was hospitalized or passed out due to drug usage. The elder boy was described as not surprised by his father's state but frustrated with it. This boy already had to deal with so much. It's incredible no one intervened.

It sounds like this boy snapped. No one this young should have a life like this. Many children do, however, and they don't end up killing their family -- much as they may like to sometimes.

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This boy does need to be punished for the death of his brother, who did nothing to him and had the bad luck to be born disabled. Those were terrible moments his poor brother endured, cowering under his bed while his brother killed his father and then came after him.

You're not given a pass to kill because you have a brutal life, but we, as a society, can't claim shock and surprise when a child is given a life like this and then a tragedy happens.

And the teen who never had a childhood may never have an adulthood, spending much or all of it in prison. Seems very unfair.

Do you think he should spend his life in prison?


Image via Kootenai County Sheriff's Office



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00NoW... 00NoWay00

He is a murderer. While I understand that maybe he killed his father in "self defense", there was no reason to kill his brother. He needs to be punished. He is not safe to release to society.

nonmember avatar blh

I wouldn't blame him for killing his dad, but he is a little monster for killing his brother. Although, there are other people at fault. If someone is proven to be on drugs, they need to get there kids taken away. Most particularly, a special needs child.

Mark Cox

too bad so sad

nonmember avatar Jacob

I understand him killing his father, but his scared special needs brother? Not okay, but even then you can somewhat understand him killing his brother. BUT THE FACT OF THE MATTER, the thing you can't discredit....after his brother was dead he chopped him into pieces not just with a knife, but machete as well. His mental state obviously isn't normal. The thing deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life, or at least an asylum. He's psychotic, being psychotic means that you have no conscious, when someone is hurting you laugh in their faces. This kid is psychotic based on him chopping his dead brother into pieces. I quit I'm done. If he doesn't get sentenced I lose all hope in this country.


I'm kind of grappling with this; normally I'd be saying give him the chair, but this one is a toughie for me. I don't think children should have to be parents to grown ass men and a special needs child. This boys parents couldn't cope with what cards life had dealt them, how is a kid suppose to? And where the hell was cps? There was no way those kids should have been in that home. With all that said, I know he will have to pay for this, I just don't know how he should.

nonmember avatar A Parent

I can't imagine the nightmare this child has gone through. Having his mother abandon him, being scared of losing his life to his own father who is an abusive drunk and drug user, stress of being homeless, and feeling responsible for a severely handicapped younger sibling. I don't know many adults who could deal with all of this without having a mental breakdown. The whole story is a tragedy. If this is the whole truth of this matter, I feel this young man is a victim as much as those that he killed. He needs treatment in a facility that will hopefully be able to rehabilitate him to someone who can eventually be a responsible law abiding citizen.

nonmember avatar tiffanylace

I just want to say that I currently live in low income government housing. Last week someone was arrested for having several weapons, thousands of dollars worth of drugs, and stacks of money in one of the rooms. They have cameras in all of the buildings. Security guards that are actually police officers off duty and volunteer here every single day. Every few months there are inspections, as there should be. It is 100% not tolerated living where I live, but somehow people find a way. I really hate to say it, but not everyone who needs help in troubling times is honest or true. A lot of people abuse and misuse the help and kindness. As for the teen killing them, I can understand snapping at the father, but not as far as killing him or his brother. He should have just run away, found his mother, or tried to get help, at least for himself.

nonmember avatar charlotte

Why not the help he really needs? Prison will not offer him the help he needs. He needs to be somewhere that will offer him therapy from the abuse he suffered. As for what happened to his special needs brother, he should receive a punishment for that, but I feel he needs mental help not prison

Pikake Smallan

It's not right all the way around. I believe this boy should be shown some compassion though. He was wrong, but no one taught him how to deal with how he felt. His mother couldn't handle it, so she took off. His father got high and drunk and violent. I believe if he received counseling, he'd he better.

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