Toddler Forced to Urinate in Seat After Airline Refuses to Let Her Go Potty (VIDEO)

A mother says that JetBlue made her 3-year-old daughter go potty in her seat. Jennifer Deveraux was traveling on a flight from New York to Boston when her plane became delayed and sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes. During that time, her toddler had to pee. Hell, I would have had to pee. Thirty minutes? That's a long time for a toddler -- or me -- to hold her water. Deveraux, however, says the rude flight attendant wouldn't let her take her little girl to the bathroom. But when nature calls ...

The little girl, Summers, did the only thing she could do at that point -- piss in her seat. Go, Summers!

Deveraux, not wanting to stink up the entire plane nor have her child sitting in a pool of pee, got up to grab some towels and try to clean up the mess. But if she couldn't take her kid to the loo, I don't know why she thought JetBlue would be reasonable now. The flight attendant allegedly snapped at her to sit back down and wouldn't let her clean up.

Then things got even worse. The mom says she told the ornery flight attendant:

Please give me a break. My daughter had an accident because you wouldn't let me take her to the bathroom. After I clean it up I will sit down.

But the flight attendant instead reported the mom to the pilot. Then the pilot turned the plane around and headed back to the gate. And he announced they were doing so because of a "non-compliant passenger." Way to make a frazzled mom and her urine-soaked toddler sound like terrorists! Starting to sound like a really bad sitcom plot.

However, at this point, an off-duty pilot sitting in front of the by-now frightened mom convinced the crew to let her stay. Another passenger who witnessed the incident Tweeted: "Everyone on flight 518 should be fired."

JetBlue says it is investigating the mortified mom's complaint, but defended itself on Twitter:

There are very strict FAA regulations when a plane is on the tarmac.

Huh. I'd love to see the part in the FAA handbook where it says toddlers must pee in their seats! I guess common sense isn't something JetBlue looks for when hiring.

Anyway, this story is a good lesson to traveling parents to perhaps use a diaper on their kid even if he or she is potty-trained. I might do the same thing!

Team Mom or Team JetBlue?


Image via CBS Boston


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the4m... the4mutts

Toddlers shouldn't have to piss every 30 minutes.

She should have had the kid pee the FIRST SECOND SHE COULD after the got on the plane. And limited liquids/watery foods for a couple hours before getting on a flight.

That being said: Shit happens. Maybe she DID do all those things (though I doubt it) but rules are rules. The tarmac isn't as safe a place as the terminal. She can't be mad at the airline for following FAA regulations. They should not be fined/lose their license, whatever if they were caught allowing that.

Maybe this will give them a heads-up to start making a "last potty break until we hit altitude" call for children

caleb... calebsmama12312

Idk I'm going to have to disagree. My toddler will pee on the potty & then 5 minutes later have to go again. They don't have control over their bladders like we do.

nonmember avatar Littlemomma

Exactly @calebsmama12312. Also there isn't anything to doubt because other air passengers saw what happened and did you see what that person tweeted? @the4mutts, The flight attendant should of offered to get some paper towels herself. Does the FAA state you have to be rude to passenger who only just want help their child? No I don't think so. The women was very rude in the way she handled the situation. Obviously other passengers and even that off duty pilot would agree she didn't handle the situation well. Also, what if she didn't have to go right after she drank the water? She probably felt she could hold it because there was barely an urgency to go. Since you expect so much from the child and mother then I would expect the flight attendant explain why she couldn't let her get out of her seat instead of just saying "sit down". I honestly believe your comment was quite ridiculous.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

There are strict guidelines but the flight attendant doesn't have to report the woman to the pilot. The flight attendant can use some common sense & warn the mother of the policy but allow her a few seconds to clean up the mess. Some flight attendants have so little power in their own life that they enjoy making others needlessly squirm just because they can. 

jkp-buff jkp-buff

How long can they refuse passengers use of the bathroom or even the ability to get out of their seat? The plane was delayed and just sitting on the tarmac. It's not unheard of for planes to sit on the tarmac 2 or 3 hours (happened to me once). How long should they be able to require you to hold it (whether you're a toddler or an adult).

Tracys2 Tracys2

Things are a bit crazy, these days.

We took a flight recently that had final boarding 30 minutes before taking off.

There was minor turbulence. They served beverages 30-60 minutes after take-off, and then left the "seatbelts" light on for another hour and a half after.

There was then a half-hour or so of real quiet, and the light turned off. The light then came back on for the remaining 2-3 hours of the flight.

Fine for me, as a healthy adult.

Most children, older adults, and people with any urinary difficulties would struggle with this schedule.

Now, MOST of the time when the light was off, people were up and using the restroom anyway. Sometimes, the flight attendants would ignore them for a while. Other times, they'd be on the speaker telling people to sit down. Usually, the ignoring times were when the air was calmer, and of course they were stricter when the turbulence was worse. BUT technically, there was only a half-hour window to use the restroom.

In addition, they reminded us that it's against the rules to wait for a bathroom in the aisle. You have to wait for one to be free, then get up and go. So, even if you were watching and waiting, if everyone obeyed the rules, not everyone could use the restroom during the short break in a long flight.

It's impossible for most people to legally fly on a plane without having an accident. Something has to give. The FAA wants to keep us safe from everything, but either (a) we skirt rules or (b) doens't work.

nonmember avatar Travis

First thing: no one made the kid urinate, she did that all on her own. I the kid can it hold it for a short among of time she should be in diapers. The regulations are very strict about this and the crew can be fined personally. Why should they pay for the parents short comings. More and more passengers on flights leave common decency and respect at the gate. Why should the crew be expected to wait on your every need. There are other people in the flights but people like this think they are the only ones and subject everyone else to their lack of parenti g and decency

nonmember avatar Shannon

As an aviation safety professional and mother of three, I can tell you that the rules are there for a reason. You comply with the instructions of a Crew Member at all times, and you remain seated when instructed. Most of you likely are unaware of what a runway incursion is. They do happen, and the regulations are in place to prevent serious injury or even death. This mother was unprepared to fly with a toddler. If you fly at all, you know that there are periods of time when travelling by air that you are not able to safely move about the cabin. Two things should have happened here. 1. Take her to the bathroom before the aircraft leaves the gate, and 2. Put a pull up on her just in case. As for the flight attendant reporting a non-compliant passenger to the Captain? Also strictly regulated. She was doing her job.

Nigal... Nigals-mommy

You should never limited fluids for anyone, much less a toddler. Being thirsty is the body's way of saying "hey I need something". I just can't imagine denying a child fluids because they may just happen to need to pee.

nonmember avatar needsmorecoffee

Why is this even in the news? Mom didn't prepare enough. Tried to break rules. Got called out. The end.
I have flown multiple times a year with kids ranging from newborn to 5 and never had an issue even when stranded on the tarmac for 2 hours during a snow storm. Be polite. Ask the flight attendent when/if you can use the facilities. They will let you know if it is ok to sneak real quick. If they say no then keep your butt buckled in.

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