Missing Teen Reportedly Killed By 'Friend' Who Helped Cops Search for Her

A 23-year-old man from Colorado has been charged with first-degree murder and sexual assault for killing a missing teen girl he claimed was his friend and whom he was actually trying to help police track down. Christopher Waide allegedly confessed to murdering Lea Chali Porter, who was 19, and whose body has yet to be found. Before Porter's boyfriend and brother reportedly visited Waide at his home and were successful in recording his confession on a hidden cell phone, the man had everyone fooled into thinking he was just as broken up about the teen's disappearance as her family and friends. He even agreed to be interviewed by a TV reporter AND help police find Porter.

Police say Porter and Waide knew each other from high school, but lost touch and reconnected through Facebook. On the evening that she was reported missing, the young woman reportedly had a fight with her boyfriend and drove to meet Waide at his apartment. When detectives interviewed him, Waide claimed the two had a falling out that night and that Porter took off. Her car; however, remained parked by his apartment complex.

Waide allegedly had no problem posting about the missing girl on his Facebook page, where he pleaded with her to return to her family. His story was so convinving that he was interviewed on television. Obviously, not everyone was fooled by his alibi. The fact that he was the last person to see Porter alive was enough for her brother and boyfriend to visit his home, secure a taped confession, and get Waide to reportedly take them to a neighborhood park, where he told them the murder took place.

Assuming Waide is guilty, it is not at all clear what his motive might have been. We don't know about their history as friends or about his mental state. We do know he is cooperating with police in helping to find Porter's body and, with hope, she will be found soon so that this poor family can get some kind of closure here.

Waide is being held without bail at the Adams County Jail.

Assuming he's guilty, are you surprised this man was able to make police and the media believe he was innocent?


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Panda... Pandapanda

I'm not surprised. This has some similarities to the Charli Scott case in Hawaii.

cherylam cherylam

He's a narcissistic, sociopathic liar. People like him can make you believe almost anything. I'm glad her brother & boyfriend could see through him. Another famous person like this was Ted Bundy.

nonmember avatar APB

This guy had to be one real winner. I mean...he had no friends and this guy was ex-military! What chick doesn't dig a guy in uni and what guy doesn't just welcome an ex-military type into his circle? Folks who are instinctually turned off by losers. That's who!

Anyway, Lea was probably told some nonsense about "Don't judge others!" and had that idea pounded into her head during her youth.

Well, the neighbors on the other side of my wall have served at least a few years of jail time and they barely make rent. I don't let them near my valuables.

Why? I judge.

purra... purracious

APB - I don't understand what that had to do with the article other than you judge others and thats why you keep your valuables away from your neighbors. Um, good for you?

Barbara MacKenzie

This is actually not that uncommon. The killer thrives off the energy of not only the kill, but also the grief that surrounds everyone involved. Another aspect is that these types of people get a buzz off watching the police scavenge for clues as the euphoria of "outsmarting" the police gives them power. It is in their power to find the deceased, to leave misguided clues and control others. Very unstable and need to be put away.

Heate... HeaterKelly

It happens more often than not. Unfortunately in a town less than 15 mins from me a 13yr old brutally killed and sodomized a 4yr old. Smashing his head in with a boulder. That kid helped police and everything. That story was so gruesome its still shown on tv on a show called child killers.

People that commit that crime and then try to "help" are looking for the satisfaction of thinking they can get away with it. If they have the mental capacity to create an alibi like that then he had the mental capacity to know that what he was doing was wrong. I hope he rots in hell, there is no excuse for something so terrible.

nonmember avatar lizz

In the report up top it says the friend told police that around 11 pm she had gotten a text and left the apartment and got into a white or light colored truck... in the article it says he told police that they had a falling out and she took off... two different accounts of what had happed by this person and that didn't tip the police off? I think there may be a hole or two here... either way I'm glad he's been caught... also I'd be very interested to know how the bf and brother just got him to up and confess so easily when clearly he was enjoying everything coming from the situation... it seems odd how he can go from "helping" police and feeling this gratification to confessing and cooperation... the criminal mind is most definitely a complex thing... hope he gets what he deserves...

Emily Rose Teats

It happens all the time. It also leads to false arrest leaving innocent ppl in jail for years for A crime they didn't commit. He's going to pay for what they did. The two boys who got the confession should be awardees for their involvement. (I'm sure just knowing what happened was A relief to them and their families.) always remember to let someone know where you are at all times. If you leave with A stranger, text A friend details about him/her just yo be safe...or choose to meet in public. Thinking of the family. This is tragic. :(

Stacie VanDruff

We had a situation exactly like this 1 town over from me. Cheating husband killed wife, completely copperated with the cops, the whole nine yards Finally they had a breaking clue, don't know what it was, but it led down to the " heartbroken" ( not) husband being the killer, and he now sits on 1 million dollar bail in jail, and is APPEALING JAIL. Sick minded people out there.

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