Baby Tragically Drowns While Her Father Washes the Dishes

When you hear about a father being charged in the death of his baby, it's usually a horrible, disgusting story of abuse. There is no death of a child that isn't horrific, but this one is different. Father Dan Castillano of the Bronx, New York has been charged with manslaughter in the death of his 14-month-old girl Leslie Nicole Castillano. She and her 3-year-old brother were taking a bath and the father was alone with them and out in the kitchen doing dishes when a downstairs neighbor noticed water coming through her ceiling.

The neighbor's son and the superintendent reportedly knocked on Castillano's door and told him about the water. The dad was surprised to hear this and reportedly wasn't aware of anything wrong. "Let me check," he reportedly said, and went into the bathroom. That is when he screamed.

Somehow the water was overflowing, and his baby girl was drowning. She later developed complications and died at the hospital.

While we can all agree that small children shouldn't be left alone in a tub, this doesn't sound like the case where the babysitter left two children in a tub while she played on Facebook for an hour, with the youngest drowning.

Reportedly, after the 23-year-old dad screamed and yelled "My baby! My baby!" he began chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. He was clearly horrified. Perhaps there are some facts missing in this report, but this wasn't a dad who was off somewhere doing something totally irresponsible, he was in the next room doing dishes.

How many parents have been distracted and forgotten about their children momentarily? All it takes is a few moments for something to happen. Definitely not an excuse, but this sounds like a tragic accident.

Do you think this dad deserves some compassion?


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nonmember avatar Emma

I have never left my son in the tub alone when he was that young even now that he is 2 I am still in there with him. I don't think the father should get charged it was a tragic mistake now he has to live with it.

Kattey Kattey

I do think he deserves compassion. While it wasn't as long as it takes to wash dishes, I am guilty of leaving the kids alone in the bath long enough to grab diapers and pajamas, or clothes out of the dryer. When they are playing so nicely, it's easy to think you can step away for a second. I can't imagine how horrible and guilty he must feel.

nonmember avatar jen

Who in their right mind leaves a 14 month old and a 3 year old in the bathtub alone, especially to do dishes!? I don't leave my 22 month old alone in the tub for even a second. Chores can wait until after bath time is over.

IKnow... IKnow0101

My son is four and I still sit in with him. My daughter is six and still leaves the door open while showering. However this is a tragic situation and I don't see how jail is going to change anything.

amber... ambertastic

Who in their right mind.....Busy parents do.

Hello07 Hello07

The water was coming through the ceiling?

How long were they left alone? The amount of time it would take for the tub to overflow, soak through the flooring and the downstairs ceiling and enough time for then to notice and go get someone and go up there to tell him? How the fuck did he not notice? SO irresponsible.

I offer no compassion for stupidity.

Snake... Snakecharmer76

I honestly don't multi-task when the kids are in or near water. I figure that they could easily slip underwater (and they've both done so on seperate occasions with me within arms reach) with little problem and inhale water into their lungs. Not sure why this dad made that decision to do dishes when he did but it's just tragic that this happened. 

Freela Freela

While this is horrific and tragic, 14 months is far too young to be left unsupervised in a bathtub, and a 3-year-old is far too young to the be the one supervising.  Common sense should tell you that.

When my middle child was 12 months, she was in the bathtub when her older brother ran in shouting that he had to pee and struggling to get his buttons undone.  I diverted my attention from her long enough to help him pull down his pants and lift him onto the toilet.  When I looked back to her, she had somehow fallen backwards and was completely underwater.  She wasn't even attempting to sit up or roll over (both of which she was capable of doing.)  I fished her out (she couldn't have been under for more than a few seconds) and she was fine, but I was a wreck... that's how fast these things can happen- even with me in the room.  Drowning is quick and silent... nothing but eyes on the child will let you know what is happening.

nonmember avatar M

One of the most basic and repeated rules of parenting is KIDS + WATER = MANDATORY SUPERVISION. I feel bad for his dead child and the child's mother, not him.

IHear... IHeartCake

Yes, the father deserves compassion.  I assume he truly thought kids that age could be left alone in a bathtub for a few minutes.  Some people don't realize how easily and quickly drowning occurs until they have read a story like this one.  They think if a child can sit up well and move quickly, they won't drown in a little bit of water.  I guess one of the children turned on the water.  There is no point in kicking this family while they're down. It's so sad.  Things this sad can happen in any family in the blink of an eye.

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