The Only Place Women Don't Receive Equal Pay Is the White House

The White HouseIt's always irritating to listen to someone harp about some perceived injustice that just isn't true. My kids at bedtime for example -- they really don't think it's fair that I get to stay up later than them. I tell them when they get jobs and start contributing to the household finances, we'll talk. Until then, all's fair in love, war, and children's bedtimes.

Another totally fake injustice I keep hearing people squabble about is "equal pay." President Obama has been harping about it on Twitter all day Tuesday, or at least whoever manages his social media accounts has been posting graphics claiming that it's not 1963 anymore, and it's time for women to receive equal pay. Just in case you're wondering about the relevance, June 10 is the 51st anniversary of JFK signing the Equal Pay Act of 1963, abolishing wage discrepancies based on gender.




Hey Obama for America folks! It's not 1996 anymore ... no one cares about cloned sheep. Please find a more relevant example. Actually, never mind. Because this whole concept that women don't earn equal pay for equal work is ridiculous.

Yes -- statistically speaking, women as a whole do not earn as much money as men as a whole. You know why? Babies. Yup, those damn maternal instincts kick in when we ladies become bearers of life, and our children become higher priorities than climbing the cut-throat corporate ladder. Even moms who don't get out of the workforce to raise their children tend to work shorter hours and opt for jobs with less pay but greater flexibility.

So really, the wage gap is evidence that women are taking advantage of the myriad of options available to us in this wonderfully modern day and age.

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Not only that, but women are more likely to choose educational paths that lead to lower paying jobs (sociology, women's studies, underwater basket weaving) than, say, something in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) categories. Is President Obama trying to say that women shouldn't have the right to choose their own careers? Or is he saying that a kindergarten teacher (more likely to be female) should make the same as a brain surgeon (more likely to be male)? It's just all so confusing.

President Obama is not a stupid man, so I can only assume he's deliberately misleading people on this issue. There is no way he cannot know the hard facts about where the income "discrepancy" in America comes from.

If President Obama really believed the wage gap between men and women was a sign of discrimination, then why would he commit it himself? Female staffers in the Obama Administration only earn 88 cents on the dollar to their male counterparts -- which is double the pay gap in DC, where women earn 95 cents on average to a man's dollar.

It's time for the President to put his money where his mouth is and give every female in the White House a pay increase, regardless of their position, hours worked, education background, security clearance, or ability to play nicely with others. After all -- it's only fair.

Why do you think women are still paid less than men?


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