Strangers Beat Up Sex Offender Who Tried to Kidnap 6-Year-Old Girl at a Park

Sexual deviants may want to think twice before doing anything suspicious at Benefit Park in Seattle. Jesse Brisbin, who is 30 and has been convicted twice of molesting children, recently got himself into A LOT of hot water -- with complete strangers -- after he tried to kidnap a 6-year-old girl who was playing at the park with her siblings and father. Brisbin approached the child and asked her to leave with him. The smart cookie told him 'no,' and even though she resisted, he reportedly grabbed her by the hand and tried to drag her out of the crowded park.

The girl was able to break free from his hold and ran back to her family. And don't worry -- Brisbin didn't get away with what he did -- not by a long shot. Instead, the girl's father, along with 20 or so total strangers, chased the jerk down, tackled him to the ground, and beat him up.

Then dad actually pulled out Brisbin's cell phone and MADE HIM CALL 911 to confess to what he had done.

Holy cow.

I'm not advocating giving a guy a beating on the street, because we all know you simply can't do that. For better or worse, there are laws that protect everyone, including creeps who allegedly attempt to hurt our kids. With that said, I would be lying if I told you I wouldn't do the same exact thing this dad and these strangers did to Brisbin. He deserves a fair trial, and will get one now that he has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. But, boy, if I see you trying to lure my little girl out of a park, my reaction is going to be identical to the one expressed by these people in this horrifying situation.

I have to admit it's also encouraging to learn that others are willing to step in and help you out when it comes to the safety of your children. Most people are good -- and we shouldn't let a few bad eggs spoil everything.

Here's the perplexing part of all of this (I mean, aside from the astonishing fact that Brisbin reportedly tried to kidnap a child in front of her father): this man was convicted of kidnapping, criminal sexual contact, and child endangerment in 1999. Then, AGAIN, he was convicted of indecent exposure and improper communication with a minor in 2009. This man didn't deserve to be kept in prison forever, but wasn't there anything that could have been done to ensure this didn't happen again?

Do you think the dad and strangers in the park should face a consequence for beating up Brisbin instead of just calling the police and letting them handle it?


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nonmember avatar RJ

Excuse me? This man continues to offend against children. He most definitely should be in prison for life. He had sexual contact with a child in 1999! that should have been the last time he was ever free.


Wow. With 20 or so people, I'm kind of surprised they didn't beat him to death. Not that I'd have a problem with that. Child molesters are fucked in the head and he's obviously never going to change since this isn't the first time he's done something like this.


WHAT THE FUCK? This man didn't deserve to be in prison forever? What exactly are you on?

jayha... jayhawk00

Yes, you can make sure it doesn't happen again by keeping him in prison forever.

Craft... CraftyJenna

You are right, he doesn't deserve to be in prison forever. He deserves the death penalty. 

Danielle Goscinski

What the heck is he doing at a PARK anyway?  They did the right thing.  Apparently he DIDN'T learn his lesson.

No the parents should NOT be charged.  


I fully support people beating up a guy that tried to kidnap a child. Good for them. I hope they don't get in trouble.

Michelle Flores


cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

No consequences because I can't say I wouldn't have done any different!

nonmember avatar Guest

Any judge with half a brain will NOT punish these people and rule it as self defence in favour of the little girl. Unfortunately,it seems as though it was judges with no brains that let him go twice. That "man"(a real man doesn't molest children) should be locked away and let the other prisoners hear what he did,guaranteed the same things gonna happen(and it should)

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