Parents Arrested Because Their 11-Year-Old Son Weighs Too Much

Parents have been arrested for letting their kid become obese. Yes, you read that right. Not talked to. Not given counseling. Not given a free gym membership for their kid. Arrested. The parents, who live in the U.K., have an 11-year-old boy who, at five feet tall, reportedly weighs 210 pounds. Yeah, way too big. But the parents say it's not their fault.

The boy's father reportedly told a newspaper:

He’s always been big. He was born with shovels for hands and spades for feet. Everyone on my side of the family is big. There’s nothing we can do about it. I only eat occasional kebabs. Our son’s favourite snack is steamed broccoli -- and he’s still big.

Hmm, his favorite food might be broccoli, but what is he eating with it? Hard to believe anyone could get that large on just broccoli.

The police were brought in after the boy was treated twice at a hospital. Sounds like his weight is already affecting his health. The parents were threatened with legal action unless they signed their child up weight loss plan, but apparently had no success with it.

The dad insists:

It's genetics -- you can be genetically fat.

Well, I don't know enough about genetics to know if this is true or not, but if the parents are truly monitoring the kid's eating habits and exercise, as they claim, then what can they do? Perhaps there is something wrong with him and his body is storing fat unnecessarily or he is just unable to lose weight for some reason. There are some weird medical conditions out there we don't yet know everything about the human body.

Seems rather harsh to threaten to take the child away from the parents and charge them with suspicion of child neglect and cruelty. Unless there is some proof that they are deliberately feeding their kid fatty foods (it's unlikely that, at 11-years-old, he's eating other than what they give him for much of the time), then an arrest seems an overreaction.

Perhaps he should be put in a weight loss camp for several weeks and see what happens.

Do you think the parents should have been arrested? Should parents be held criminally liable for their kids' weight?


Image via © Philippe Lissac /Godong/Corbis

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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

More government control!! They're not denying him healthcare or food. Time to butt out and let the parents be the parents. No one is perfect.

Mommy... Mommy4ever35

 I think they need to look at everything. My daughter is ten and weighs 136 but sometimes 144. She has a thyroid condition that prevents her loss but she is under doctor care and taken meds but she still cant lose weight. She dont snack. She eats breakfast, lunch,dinner-small potions and three crackers in afternoon and a snack before bed. In my family weight is an issue so yes there is gentic and health that could prevent weight loss or maintain weight.

sassy... sassykat122

Yes look at the whole condition but parents are arrested for starving their child. If it is clearly aafecting his health and a thorough investigation reveals they have not done everything they could then yes, go ahead and charge them with child neglect. I am curious how big the dad is

zandh... zandhmom2

I think we should just start birthing our babies and handing them right over to the government to raise...isn't that basically what they want anyway.

nonmember avatar Emma

I don't think the parents should be arrested I think they should go to a nutritionist or a doc that specializes in certain genetics .

nonmember avatar Suzie

He may have Prader-Willi sybdeome!

Movie... Moviebuff

Oh please all you guys are being over sensitive. This kid is a fat ass no way does he eat broccoli as an snack. The parents are not doing their job as parents.

nonmember avatar Blah

It could be a hormonal imbalance. I have a pituitary tumor that caused me to gain weight and unable to lose it until I get my hormones regulated. It's not always the persons fault...

Joseph Edward Lee

Obesity is also genetic...It is not always what the person ate.He may not have been active though.I myself am obese .In fact the Doctor said I was morbidly obese.But There I am 71 not 11.I was heavy most of my life and not sports minded or partook in Physical fitness.My latter years did put on the weight.I am a lifetime member of weight watchers.When I started to put on the weight I got my old weight back and even more.A few years ago I was 340 lbs. Now I am at 258 lbs.But I do have a few medical problems.Moral of the story is that I should have been more careful about my weight.I hope it is not too late

nonmember avatar Theresa

So much ignorance smh. Denying your child food is no better than feeding them to death, which is what these "parents" are doing. Did any of you stop to think that speculating on potential medical causes for obesity was pointless, considering that it was his LEGALLY OBLIGATED doctor who reported them in the first place? Do you really believe he didn't rule out medical causes before determining it was his gluttonous parents causing this? Obesity is not genetic. Sorry to burst your overweight bubbles. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyles are your problem. Thyroid issues are surgically correctable. Stop the nonsense. These people are abusing this child by intentionally shortening his life.

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