Wife Kills Husband & Herself in Front of Shoppers After Having Dinner Together

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You would think a married couple who enjoyed each other's company enough to go out to dinner together would be able to get past an argument. But 54-year-old Paula Strange, who was from Georgia, reportedly shot her husband dead before turning the gun on herself just minutes after the two had dinner at a Mo's Southwest Grill in Kennesaw, Ga. Witnesses say Strange and husband Bruce, who was 52, were arguing at the fast food joint and that he abruptly got up from their table, stormed out of the eatery, and jumped over a patio fence to escape behind the restaurant. Paula reportedly followed him with a gun and the horrific scene that followed is something right out of a terrifying movie.


Paula, who worked as an associate director of research compliance at Kennesaw State University, allegedly chased after her husband in her car, shouting at him the entire time. He ran toward the West Dallas Highway supermarket, where Paula caught up with him. And then the unthinkable: Paula reportedly shot Bruce several times, then got out of her car and killed him in front of a crowd of shocked shoppers.

She then used the same gun to fatally shoot herself with one gunshot.

Bruce's body was apparently lying on the sidewalk by the store for up to three hours after the nightmarish incident.

We have no idea about the nature of this couple's relationship or whether they have children together, but it's impossible to imagine that ANY argument would result in one person wanting to end the life of her partner. We don't know if this was premeditated murder or whether their fight was so heated that Paula committed this atrocious act in the spur of the moment.

It's also really surprising to learn that the murderer in this case seems like she was a well-respected figure in the community with a good job at a higher learning institution. We're sure lots of people are going to be shocked by this heinous crime and our hearts go out to all of those who will be affected by yet another senseless murder-suicide.

What do you think happened that led this woman to murder her husband and commit suicide?


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