Creepy Prank Goes Horribly Wrong When Victim Blacks Out From Terror (VIDEO)

devil prank gone badThe Internet has no shortage of prank videos, from the hilariously simple to the heartwarmingly complex to the downright cruel. Because I am a horrible person, I seem to gravitate toward the mean pranks designed to scare the bejesus out of people, but I've never seen anything quite like the 'Devil Prank Gone Bad' clip that's going viral on YouTube right now.

The video was uploaded on Sunday and it captures the latest installment in an ongoing prank war between friends -- well, "friends" -- Yousef and Ahmed. The gag had a basic enough setup: a girl hid in a closet, then crept out to scare her unsuspecting victim in his apartment. What happened after that, though ... well, if you laugh at this, you're going straight to hell. I'll meet you there, okay?

FouseyTUBE is a YouTube channel that's been devoted to pranks for about a year now. Previous pranks have titles like "Scary pizza delivery," "Breaking up in public," and "Epic Chipotle prank gone wrong" (not sure I want to know what that one is), but their latest effort had some highly unexpected results.

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Here's what Ahmed posted on Facebook before the video went live:

I want to give a sincere apology to Yousef’s family, friends, and fans I took the prank further then it should have gone. I never meant to put him in harms way. I had no idea the turnout was going to be what actually happened. Once again i just want to say sorry ... this is something that scared me a lot and i do not know what more to say. Video up soon.

With a setup like that, how can you NOT watch the video? Here's the prank in full -- and if you want to skip straight to the good stuff, it starts at 1:55 when the girl (one of the prankster's sisters) makes her appearance:

Ohhhhhhhh. Oh dear. Poor Yousef. But also, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn this was faked for the camera, but I prefer to believe it's 100 percent real. I don't know what's better, how he drops like a sack of potatoes, his tragic weeping when he comes to, or his friends' panicked reactions.

At any rate, hopefully this ends the war between these guys, because it's going to be impossible to top this one. As for Yousef, he's perfectly fine now and being a pretty good sport about the whole thing:

The whole world of 'evil spirits' terrifies me to no end. So, Yes. I did cry. hard. But come onnnnnnn. I came home to my empty apartment under the assumption that I was ALONE ... I cried because when I woke up I had no idea what was going on. I was confused and to be honest fainting is scary. At the end of the day, they're my homies and all is fair  in love and war. And I did start a prank war with Ahmed. But I told them.. THIS IS MY CHANNEL. Stop trying to get me. lol.

Be honest, did you laugh at this poor man's misfortune?

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nonmember avatar Jilly

I will see you in hell:( thanks a lot Linda!! Lol seriously poor guy.

nonmember avatar Amy

That looks staged. First of all, the way he walks out of the apt to investigate a noise is a scene from the movies. Most ppl would just look out the window! Secondly, when the girl turned the lights off, how is it he just happened to have the flashlight on him and he walked across the living room all the way to the front door without turning the lights on? Not believable at all!

Happy... Happydad73

Fake. That is a staged fall. All shoulder into the wall trying to make it look like a hard fall. Sorry but this crap is not real.

nonmember avatar Lol

Not saying it's real or fake, either way I don't care. I got a laugh. Amy, iPhones come with flashlights built in, all you have to do is swipe the screen up & press a button. Stop being such haters on these kids, they did it for jokes.

nonmember avatar Dana

@amy he wasn't investigating anything. He was throwing down his keys to his friend. Did you watch the whole video? And yes my iPhone has a flashlight built in.

Einyn Einyn

I want to say it looks real to me honestly.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Real or not, I found it entertaining, so it doesn't matter much to me. But I like how people always want to feel smart by saying how fake it is. In the end, who really cares if it's fake or not? Did you laugh? Yes or no, move on with you life :p

Anyway, kudos on the "ghost girl" design. Sort of a modern twist on the traditional Japanese representation, with a modern, everyday sort of white outfit but with the traditional black hair. Very nice.

And, yes, I did think that when watching the video. I'm sort of sad that way.

missy... missybest

Maybe I am being a prude, but this is sad.  People seem to just be getting mean.  I really don't see anything fun about scaring anyone this badly.  People just seem to be going way past appropriate boundaries.  How very sad.

AliPa... AliParker

I actually follow his YouTube channel. I think these guys are funny. I don't think it's fake because they are usually so real with their videos. But I could be wrong. I wasn't there. The main prankster and the guy being planked have a really cute friendship. They also do a lot of great things in their videos. The chipotle one is where he buys chipotle for hundreds of college students.

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