12-Year-Olds Charged as Adults for Brutal Stabbing of Classmate at Sleepover

Eerie WoodsTwo 12-year-old girls are being held on charges of first-degree intentional homicide, after allegedly stabbing another tween multiple times in the limbs and torso.

The victim, who is also 12 years old, is in stable condition in the hospital after sustaining 19 stab wounds, some of which hit vital organs. Although the suspects' names have not been released due to their young age, officials say they will be charged as adults due to the "severity of their crime."

The three girls all went to the same school, and apparently were friends, but I'm guessing only one of them really thought they were all friends, you know, since she ended up getting stabbed. Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said, "Based on our investigation, it is believed that the suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months."

The two alleged would-be killers are said to have had "an interest in a website which is a collection of small stories about death and horror." You know, normal pre-teen girl stuff. Or something.

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Anyway, here's what police think happened. The three girls had a sleepover on Friday night at one of the suspect's homes. The next morning, the girls told their victim they wanted to "play a game," and lured her into a wooded area on foot.

Chief Jack reported, "Once there, one suspect held the victim down while the other suspect stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso. Many of the stab wounds struck major organs. But, incredibly and thankfully, the victim survived this brutal assault."

It is not known if the suspects left her for dead, left her to die, or maybe even freaked out and abandoned her before they could finish her off. The victim was somehow able to crawl out of the woods to the road, where a bicyclist found her and called for help. She was rushed into surgery, and thankfully looks like she'll make a full recovery.

The other girls were found within hours and taken into custody, and police have no other suspects at this time. They also found the knife believed to be used in this gruesome crime, but so far no word on any motivation.

It's hard to imagine what they possibly could've been thinking, or what could lead them to attempting to brutally murder their classmate. It jars the senses that we're not talking about some gang-related crime, or a crime of passion between lovers (which are bad enough all on their own), but 12-year-olds, whose biggest problem should be saving up enough allowance for a new outfit from the mall.

Do you think 12-year-olds should ever be charged as adults?


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nonmember avatar blue

YES. Even 12 year old brains that aren't fully developed know not to lure a girl to the woods and savagely attack her. That is seriously psychopathic stuff there. You can't rehabilitate that.

nonmember avatar Kellbell

Yes they should be charged as adults. Esp if there is proof they planned it. What is happening to our kids:/

nonmember avatar Brianne

Why the hell not? If they can take the time to plot out a murder and attempt to follow through with it, they deserved to be punished. I'm so sick of hearing about kids doing things like this and getting a slap on the wrist.

BPayne09 BPayne09

If you can do an adult crime you deserve adult consequences!

divam... divamomtjcj

Changed as adults yet no name release ? I think they should be locked up til 21 . The girl thank god survived

Stephanie Isaac

They should be locked up for life

What is wrong with youth today?

nonmember avatar Michael

They should be charged as what they are, children. That said they should not see the light of day until they are 18, and then only if they are evaluated as normal. If they can't fix themselves by then they should continue to hold them in a mental institution until they are ready to come out (which may very well be never).

nonmember avatar missy

Wisconsin fox 6 has more info on this case. This story is so sad, where r the parents! Why r 12 year Olds on that horrible website! My son is 12 and I can never imagine him ever doing this! This is just crazy and sad!

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