Teen Charged With Killing Taxi Cab Driver Because He Took a Long Route

If you live in a city and have ever used a taxi cab service, maybe you've suspected at some point that your driver was trying to get you to pay more money for your trip by taking a longer route than necessary to get to your destination. No big deal. You probably got annoyed and maybe mentioned it to him, but left well enough alone. One cab driver in Pennsylvania wasn't so lucky. We'll never know whether driver Vincent Darbenzio was trying to swindle 16-year-old passenger Aazis Richardson out of more money, but he was reportedly killed by the teen because of this ridiculous suspicion.

Aazis admitted to police in Scranton that he tried to tell Darbenzio several times to take a shorter route to wherever he wanted to go, but that the driver ignored his requests. He claims he got so fed up with the cabbie that he ordered him to pull over to the side of the road and then pulled a gun out and shot him twice in the back of the head.

Darbenzio's coworkers suspected something had happened when he didn't call in. The police were contacted and given the address of the driver's last destination. When cops searched the home, they found the teen hiding in the attic with the gun they suspect he used to fatally shoot Darbenzio.

Aazis was also found with $500 that cops say he stole from the driver. He was charged with murder and robbery.

The driver's intentions obviously don't matter one bit in this case. He didn't deserve to have his life taken from him while working hard to earn money. With hope, justice will be served in this case.

What kind of punishment do you believe fits this crime?


Image via smittenkittenorig/Flickr



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adamat34 adamat34

Wtf???? Lock him up asap

Giada... GiadasMama115

That happened not too far from my house.

IHear... IHeartCake

Obviously anyone who would kill someone over either a business dispute or to rob him deserves the death penalty.  But I will settle for true life in prison and never ever being released. 

nonmember avatar becky

This was close to me also, he showed absolutely no remorse.. He said "thats what i do to people that dont listen".. Hes also admitted to another homicide in NJ.. Its truly disgusting

caleb... calebsmama12312

Was this the kid that's been on the news lately with the dreadlocks saying he didn't really feel badly about it? I'm about 40mins away from scranton & I think I saw this.

John Alastair

Sorry, but just seeing that turd's picture told me everything I needed to know.

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