Teen Saves Sisters After Mom Reportedly Tries to Drown Them in the Bath

Two little girls might not be alive today if not for their teen brother -- who protected them from the one person they should trust most in the world. Texas mom Sonya Gardner reportedly placed her daughters, ages 6 and 4, in a bathtub filled with water with the intention of drowning them because they asked for a snack. Before she could hurt them, her 18-year-old son Jydesmon Gardner allegedly heard his siblings screaming as he was walking by their apartment. Witnesses say he fired a warning shot in the air with his gun, and then forced his way into the apartment to save their lives.

According to police, the teen bravely pushed past mom and carried his sisters out of the tub and apartment. He made sure they were safe with a neighbor before fleeing the scene because he was already in trouble with the law and wanted for an outstanding warrant. Obviously, the fact that he was now in possession of an illegal firearm wasn't going to help matters for him and he knew it.

As for the 35-year-old mom, Sonya was reportedly high at the time on marijuana laced with PCP, which is known to cause hallucinations. She faces two counts of attempted capital murder of a child and is being jailed and held on $1 million bond. Her older daughter actually told cops that she and her sis were "fixing to die," which just breaks your heart, and the two are currently in foster care.

Despite his criminal past and the fact that he has a gun, police consider Jydesmon a hero and desperately want him to come forward and serve as a witness in this case. Time will tell whether the teen is willing to risk his neck in order to testify against his mother.

Do you think police should forgive this teen's past crimes and the fact that he had a gun because of his brave actions?


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Todd Vrancic

Perhaps they could give him probation.  He is a far better candidate for guardianship of his sister than their mother.

adamat34 adamat34

Yes they should forgive him those babies would be dead without him and this is all bs they are even considering charges.

Slap onthe wrist in the morning then throw him a celebration in the afternoon . If only there were more people there at the right time when horrible mothers get these ideas.

nonmember avatar Foster

I can't honestly say his past crimes should be swept under the rug because I don't know the whole story behind that but considering that he did save the girls lives,I do think that should be taken into consideration. He still did something wrong(having a gun when he wasn't allowed) and should be punished for it, but he should only be on probation or something like that. He clearly does know right from wrong(just possibly made some wrong choices)and that leads me to believe he could turn his life around

nonmember avatar Bri

With a mother like that, who can blame him for being troubled? He is a Hero, absolutely, and he saved two innocent lives. Let's offer him immunity for his testimony and then possibly rehab (if needed) or therapy. If it weren't for his bravery, these children would be dead and another headline.

Sheree Boatwright

That's so sad think god for there brother and I think he should get a lawyer and work a deal where he testify's and what he is in trouble for gets a fine or community service or nothing at all

nonmember avatar Shar

Yes, they should give him a break... they should give him probation & he should enrol in a program to get out of whtever he's into.

Rita Curry

 Wow. He took a big Chance going in with a gun, knowing he was already in trouble, But he did it anyway, to save the lives of his 2 little sisters, from a horrible death, at the hands of their mother. Since I don't know what his trouble with the police is, he still needs to take care of it, and do as little time, if needed, so he can get back to the little girls. How can a woman be so sick and nobody know about it, I will never understand.confused

hopea... hopealways4019

Im so happy a tragically was prevented..yes he is a hero

divam... divamomtjcj

He's a hero if he testifies he will probably get a break. Thank goodness for him

grnsm... grnsmomma

If you read the actual article (the one linked that says he had the gun) their brother pulled the 4 year old out first then went back to get the 6 year old but mom had locked the front door so he had to kick it in. Omg! They should definitely reduce his prior charges (or waive them, depending on what they were). He shouldn't have a gun so maybe community service.

In that same article there is a video at the bottom that interviews 2 of her family members. It's sad to watch but at the same time...SMH.

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