Marine Surprises Sister on Her Wedding Day in Tearful Reunion (VIDEO)

marine surprises sister

If there were ever a reason for a bride to be absolutely thrilled to mess up what should be her flawless wedding day makeup, it's this: welcoming her beloved U.S. Marine brother home from deployment, who flew in for just one day to see her get married. Well, that's exactly what happened for one gorgeous Charlotte, North Carolina bride, and luckily for those of us who can't get enough of heartwarming military reunion videos -- it was all recorded!

Daniel Atwood's sister Sarah got married on May 18. According to People, she assumed her brother wouldn't be at the ceremony because her mother got a letter from Daniel saying he couldn't attend. Sarah cried the night before her wedding knowing her brother, one of the most important and closest people in her life, wouldn't be there. 

Of course, as bratty brothers are wont to do, Daniel played the ultimate trick on his sister on her wedding day.

Check it out for yourself:

Pretty amazing, right? And something almost anyone with siblings could most definitely relate to, especially if you haven't seen them in a very long time.

Thank goodness Daniel was able to get that last-minute leave (for just one day!) to attend what will be one of the most important events of his sister's life. It's clear from this couple minutes of footage that the two of them are very close and that it meant the world to Sarah for Daniel to be there for her. We can only hope that all of our brave men and women who are serving overseas would be able to go to celebrations like these for their loved ones. Even just for the day. They're the ones who deserve it the most!

What is the best surprise you have ever received?


Image via ADidway's channel/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Air Force sis

My brother was stationed in Turkey when my husband and I got married. He was able to get four days of leave. He made it home two days before my wedding and had to leave the day after, Father's Day. It was the first time we had seen him in 11 months. Having him as one of the groom's men made my wedding so much more special!

Lina N Al Tuiasosopo

ALL of the reunions are my favorite! God bless our military men/women who are serving our country!

Michele Lopez

All of them... I cry everytime. The sacrifices these men and women and their families have to endure are truely heartwarming!

Sam Plank

Marine Surpises his sister? My Cat Reacts!

lasombrs lasombrs

glad they let him go.

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