12-Day-Old Breastfeeding 'Miracle' Baby Survives Deadly Bus Crash With Mom (VIDEO)

A mother seated in between two people who lost their lives in a deadly bus crash on Wednesday morning is calling her newborn daughter a miracle after surviving the accident.

Ana Perez was breastfeeding her 12-day-old baby on her lap when the passenger bus she was on rolled over some debris from an earlier crash and lost control. The bus rolled over and ended up 50 feet off the freeway in the desert in Blythe, California, near the Arizona border. 32 people were on the westbound bus, heading from El Paso to Los Angeles. Four passengers were killed, Ana says including the two who were sitting on either side of her.


With nothing but some blankets and the strength of her arms (and a mother's love!) Ana held on tight to her little girl. "It was really, really bad," she. "It was horrible. I didn't let her go ... when I got up, I was in between two dead bodies. It was horrible."

Ana and little Daniela were rescued by first-responders through the emergency exit in the roof of the bus. Her only injuries were bruising on her legs and back, but she could hear people screaming as they tried to make their way out of the crash.

According to CalTrans officials, it looks like a big rig headed the opposite direction jack-knifed and left a load of steel pipes scattered on the road. According to Ana, the bus driver appeared to "do everything he could" to avoid the pipes, but was unable to.

The California Highway Patrol reported that three people were airlifted and four were transported by ambulances to nearby hospitals. 14 more were transported by bus to be treated for minor injuries.

I can't even imagine the terror that must have flown through her mind as she realized the bus was crashing with her and her nursing infant on it. That little girl could have easily become a projectile and lost her life, but thanks to her mom and a miracle, she's going to live to tell the tale.

Do you fear for your children's safety on public transportation?


Image via NBC News

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