Dad Throws Toddler in Pool as Punishment for Drowning Puppy

An Arizona dad faces felony charges after he reportedly left his 1-year-old daughter alone by a gate-less pool for 25 minutes, then threw her into the water to teach her a lesson when he discovered she had accidentally drowned a puppy.

Corey Edmund McCarthy, who is 23, wasn't very involved in his daughter Mia's life, according to family members. The toddler's mom, Samantha, has custody of their daughter but believed she was doing the right thing by letting Corey get to know her better. She was shocked and in tears when she actually watched her ex throw Mia four feet into the air and into a pool -- yep, the entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera.

Thanks to the video footage, cops were able to see that Corey had left Mia to wander around the pool by herself for an astoundingly long time, especially considering how it takes seconds for a child to fall and drown in a pool. While she was by herself, Mia threw two dogs into the pool and one apparently died.

Instead of blaming himself for being such a careless parent, Corey returned to the pool with his girlfriend. Then he decided to punish a baby who can't reason, understand logic, or -- hello -- SWIM by throwing her several feet into the air and letting her fend for herself in the water.

Thankfully, his girlfriend jumped into the pool to rescue Mia. Police say dad then dropped his daughter into the pool yet again because he wanted to teach her to be afraid of the water.

Well, congrats dad -- it worked. The toddler's mom says Mia won't go anywhere near a bath or water now and is having nightmares. Way to go.

Whether you live in Arizona or Wisconsin, you know drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children. A young child should NEVER be left unattended by a body of water -- I don't care if there's a nine-foot gate surrounding the pool. You never take that kind of a chance.

This story could have easily ended with Mia accidentally falling into the pool and drowning. Corey has been charged with two counts of child abuse. Instead of planning how to dodge those charges, he should be taking every second to thank his lucky stars that his little girl is still alive today.

What sort of punishment do you think this dad should receive?


Image via Stephane Mignon/Flickr

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peanu... peanutsmommy1

seriously, that has to be one of the dumbest questions ever posted on The Stir..... and given some of the previous questions that is saying a lot!

NatAndCo NatAndCo

You guys ask really stupid questions at the end of these articles.

can_c... can_can21

He was a careless parent. He tossed his child into the pool but his girlfriend was right there to rescue the baby. I don't think he was trying to intentionally hurt the kid. His ghetto baby mama looks like she needs to focus less on her makeup and enormous hoop earrings to maybe keep a better eye on her kid. 

BTW, who would leave their baby unattended by a pool with puppies? 

MamaK... MamaKayGF

What a dumb question.

And why wasnt he charged with attempted muder?? It never ceases to amaze me how little punishment there really is for people that hurt children. Sickening.

luvmy... luvmybubs

Can can how is this at all the moms fault. Most likely she didn't have much of a choice in whether dad spent time with her or not, courts usually make those decisions. How you could say the things you said shows that you are immature, rude and naive. Makeup and earrings does not make a mom.

youth... youthfulsoul

Well hopefully that's the final visit this dad ever has with his daughter. And hopefully his gf just saw what a pos this guy is and runs for the hills.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

The dad should be jailed. The mother should also be jailed for being stupid enough to procreate with this jerk and for willingly sending the daughter to visit with this maniac. People don't act this way on the spur of the moment. The mother had to have known the father was a psycho.

Oh, and if the girlfriend doesn't leave the father over this then she ought to be thrown in jail too for being stupid. 

MamaK... MamaKayGF

Can_can, your comment is almost as ridiculous as the end question.

Of course he was trying to hurt the child, why else would he throw her into a pool? Especially the SECOND time?! Seriously? He said he wanted her to be afraid of the water. Guess what? Thats called purposely traumatizing your own child. I'd think that'd qualify as intentionally hurting her.

And if you'd read the article you'd see that her mother wasn't even there when it happened so I don't understand how her makeup or earrings are relevant...?

nonmember avatar Mommadeeder

Your "question" , along with most on this website, is horrible! What do YOU think the punishment should be? Gosh, this guy is an a-hole who deserves to rot in prison,

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