Man Tattoos Smiley Face & Curse Word on the Arm of a 12-Year-Old Girl

You can bet no one is smiling about this. A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man thought it would be a brilliant idea to tattoo a yellow smiley face and durogatory word on a 12-year-old's arm. Because why wouldn't a grown man who should know better think it's okay to take it upon himself to permanently destroy a little girl's body?

Randall Charlton III reportedly tattooed the tween's forearm while she was staying overnight at his house. He included some sort of curse word above the smiley face. There are a few things we aren't sure about yet: what was the nature of their relationship? Are they related and in what way? And: was Randall an actual tattoo artist? Did he use (let's pray) a safe and clean needle to ink the girl?

Here's what we do know: tattooing a young child is absolutely bonkers behavior on the part of an adult. It's completely and utterly irresponsible. I don't care if this little girl was begging him to draw a smiley face on her arm. He's way too old to think for a split second this wouldn't affect the girl for the rest of her life.

Fortunately, no one is taking this lightly. Charlton is in jail and unable to post the $20,000 bail to get out. He's being charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, unlawful tattooing, corruption of minors, and endangering the welfare of a minor.

In addition to serving time and/or paying hefty fines for what he did, if he's found guilty, this man should also be forced to pay for the girl's laser tattoo removal. And would it be outrageous to ask him to see a therapist? I mean, why would he think this is okay?!

Why do you think this man would tattoo a 12-year-old girl? What's an acceptable punishment for his behavior?


Image via Micael Tattoo Faccio/Flickr

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BabyL... BabyLadyG12


also it's "derogatory"

Ajack324 Ajack324

I'm just really curious what the derogatory word was, not that it makes it any more disturbing. But there's bad, such as s*%t, then there's really bad such as, what I personally think is one of the worst words you can use, like c*%t. I just can't find a news source that knows, or will say, what it was. Not do they have much other information. He should def have to pay for the removal of the entire tattoo and it certainly was a type if assault. Whether she asked him to or not. There's a reason the age limit to get tattoos is 18, w.o parental consent. At 12, you've really no idea if the ramifications of a tattoo like that for the rest of your life.

Ajack324 Ajack324

Stupid auto correct, sorry for the wrong words. Ah, the hazards of typing on ur cell. :-P

Austi... Austinsmommy12

100% agree with ajack. What if it's something truly terrible like f$&k or c@#t?! People are sick.

Paike... Paikea1974

who cares about that curse-word? the problem is that an ' adult' (or supposingly adult person) TATTOOD a minor! In my country, the Netherlands, it's legal to get tattood at age 12 as long as the parents are okay with it. Luckily the tattoo-artist who put my son's name on my wrist (written by the little man himself!) refuses to tattoo anyone under age 16 but that's only cuz he himself got a problem with that.

In this story l wonder what the girls parent(s) think of this? Are they okay with it, were they there when she got tattood? If they WERE okay with it, l think they should get punished too.

nonmember avatar Cassie

If he's not her father, why was she spending the night at his house and where the eff were either of her parents? This is fishy from every angle.

nonmember avatar Jill

He didn"t "permanently destroy a little girl"s body. Sheesh. It"s not like he threw her in a fire.

nonmember avatar M

Sorry but why is a 12 year old girl hanging out at a grown man's house, spending the night, and allowing him to tattoo her? WTF are her parents??? Not that this guy isn't a scumbag but for f*cks sake why don't her parents know where she is at and what she is doing???

nonmember avatar Bearcat

He's probably a peewee. Check his hard drive.

Paula M. Stevens

I'm not sure if there are different laws for different states, but yes, 16 or 18 is definitely the age limit. And if 16 a tattoo artist would want parental consent. I told my kids that they were not getting anything until I did not have to sign and they could pay for their own. And they have also heard many times about the issues of aging and tattooing. One cousin got a playboy bunny around her bikini area when she was in the military. Later she promptly had 3 kids in the space of 5 years. That bunny does NOT look the same.

In this case of a 12 year old minor, regardless of the relationship to the "tattoo artist", the fact that this child has not finished growing is the major issue with any tattoo. Of course any curse word is also totally inappropriate. But this child's skin will still grow and that tattoo will probably not look the same when she is 20 regardless of where it was inked. Any true tattoo artist would not have done this to a child.

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