Baby Born With 2 Faces & 2 Brains Defies the Odds (VIDEO)

The Australian mom who refused to terminate the pregnancy of her daughters -- even though they shared one body and one head but have two separate faces and brains -- has given birth. Despite sharing one body and all organs, the parents consider them two babies, whom they named Faith and Hope. The babies have so far defied the odds by surviving for nine days, and doctors say if they can live past the five week mark, they stand a good chance of surviving. But for how long?

The babies suffer from craniofacial duplication or diprosopus, a condition so rare that only 35 babies before Faith and Hope have been documented with it.

The parents, Renee Young and Simon Howie, say doctors urged them to terminate the pregnancy, but they refused, despite having seven other children. The mom can't work and has rheumatoid arthritis. Previously, the couple, who are on state benefits, said they would worry about how they would support the babies when the time came.

Renee had originally been hoping for a natural birth, but had to have an emergency Caesarean at 32 weeks.

Doctors were concerned the babies wouldn't be able to breathe on their own, but they are doing that. Experts were brought in to access how best to feed the infants -- but it's unclear if Renee is breastfeeding.

Looking at the girls, I just don't see how it's possible for them to live a life like this. If you look at their eyes, they share an eyelid. How will they have any sort of life?

Most children with this condition are stillborn, but medical advances have overruled what nature would have intended. I'm not so sure that's a great idea.

The girls do look so sweet and adorable, and the parents are smitten with them, which is lovely, but I really fear for their future. Although maybe since this is all they will ever know, it will somehow work for them? My heart really goes out to these girls and their family.

Would you have terminated this pregnancy?


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Ashyb... Ashybaby13

I just don't understand how people "leave it up to god" yet accept medical intervention. The girls were born not breathing and had to be revived. I don't think this is similar to the girls from the Midwest who share a body but have completely separate heads/faces. I hope they have some quality of life but this couples other 7 children surely will suffer too.

mem82 mem82

Most people try and save any viable pregnancy. If we start witholding medical treatment because we feel their life isn't 'worth it' or won't be 'good enough', then where do we draw the line. Everyone deserves a chance to live.

Taisie Taisie

I agree with mem82

There are a number of TV specials about Abby and Brittany Henselconjoined twins with basically one body, and two heads. You can watch them in full on youtube, (click here!). I find them to be such an inspiration, they always seem to feel so happy, hopeful, and blessed to be alive.

Shiloh Pepin, aka, "the mermaid girl" has always been inspirational to me as well. When asked about her body, she had this to say "It's not what you look like, but who you are inside that makes you a star". You can find her on youtube as well (click here!). It was truly sad that she passed away so young! 

elle7777 elle7777

Personally if it were me that were to be born like that I'd rather my mom have had an abortion. Yep, I'm the asshole saying it.  So I don't really find it to be heartwarming but sad for what those girls will have to go through and their quality of life.

Jody Alton

I'm a little more outraged that they're having more kids while on State assistance than that the kid was born with two faces.  What's wrong with people?

Ashyb... Ashybaby13

Viable pregnancy doesn't equal viable life. There will be no quality of life for these children or the other 7 they also can't afford to have. The enormous amount of medical expenses will not be paid by them. I'm not saying money is more important than a human life but at some point you have to draw the line at not procreating just for fucks sake.

jayha... jayhawk00

I agree with Elle and Jody. We are paying for these babies not the parents.

youth... youthfulsoul

The parents really should have out the babies first and their quality of life. This will be a horrible existence for them.

nonmember avatar Amberz

Really??? I'm pro life but damn. Should've aborted that and moved on. Who's that being fair to?? Not that baby or babies whatever you wish to consider that hot mess.....just saying.

nonmember avatar MommyOfTwo81

To be honest, I probably would have terminated the pregnancy, if that were to happen to me and my family. I would have to consider what kind of life my babies would have and consider the kind of life my other children would have. Especially with being on government assistance AND having 7 other children. Hmm... I think I would have done things differently. But that's just me and that's just my opinion. Everyone is different and entitled to do what they want. I do wish them the best and a long happy life!

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