Woman Sues Town Over Her Sex Life

Don't mess with a woman and her sex toys. Melissa Davenport is suing the town of Sandy Springs, Georgia for -- get this -- banning the sale of sex toys. Yes, apparently the thought of consenting adults getting frisky with vibrators and ben-wa balls is so horrific to whoever makes the laws in Sandy Springs that sex toys have been banned (unless you have a prescription for them). I mean, doesn't everyone want to go to the doctor, consult about that stomach problem, and then ask, "By the way, doc, could I get a prescription for a dildo while you're at it? And could you please make it the vibrating 12-incher?"


Anyway, I can't imagine why any town would want to ban sex toys, but that is one place I won't be visiting any time soon! That said, Davenport, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, says that sex toys were essential to saving her marriage. MS apparently attacks the central nervous system and can make it extremely difficult to get aroused.

Davenport says she had basically no feeling in her lady parts and their lack of a sex life was driving the couple apart. Sex toys helped them come back together (so to speak).

I really am astonished that this is something that a town sees as a problem. I wonder if anyone needs a prescription to get a gun?!

Busineses that sold sex toys have already sued the town, as is a man who uses them in his art.

The law says that people who have a "bona fide medical" reason can still buy sex toys, but Davenport says no doctor will give her a prescription for them because they "have this dirty mind about how people are going to use it."

Huh? The whole point of sex toys is to be dirty with them!

Sheesh, this sounds like a fun town. I don't know what is stopping people from ordering toys online and having them delivered in a plain brown wrapper, but why should these people have to commit a crime in order to have some sexy fun?

Talk about the government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong!

Do you think sex toys should ever be banned?


Image via KenaSen/Flickr

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